Mentorship For Personal Trainers

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Are you a Personal trainer looking to take your business to the next level?

LIVE FIT has a 6 week Mentoring program starting Friday March 27th @ 1pm in Brookvale

Spots are strickly limited to the first 10 people for an optimal learning experience

6 Week Mentoring Program

Week 1 Assessment of Flexibility & Core Function   

  • Complete flexibility assessment – each major muscle has an optimal degree of range of motion that should be strived for, for optimal movement.
  • Learn how to assess then correct
  • You will learn which muscles are tight/strong & need stretching & which are weak/long & need strengthening & stabilization
  • Muscle imbalances create pain in both muscles & joints.
  • Muscle balance between flexibility, stability & strength should be the initial goal = better movement & function
  • Assessment of core function

Week 2 Assessment of Posture & Movement Screening

  • Assessment of a client on a plum line – How to assess clients postural concerns & cross reference them to your flexibility assessment findings
  • Better posture = better movement, function, improves energy & reduces pain
  • Assess inner unit core function
  • Asses thoracic extension for clearance to overhead press
  • Infant development exercisers
  • Movement screening & what it is telling you

Week 3 Programming & Phase 1 Training 

  • Learn the importance of going through a phase 1 program before lifting heavy
  • Learn how to correctly integrate phase 1 programming into your clients weekly program
  • This is perfect for anyone with clients that have any niggling injuries, aches or pains
  • Phase 1 training lays the foundation for injury free training & being stronger & stabile

 Week 4 Fat loss Training & Nutrient timing

  • Learn the most effective ways of getting results for your clients quickly    
  • Learn what to eat, when to eat it & how much to eat to meet your goal
  • Learn how to work out exactly how much your client needs to be eating to suit their goal – BMR, lean mass, body fat %, daily energy expenditure & the clients goals all dictate nutritional requirements to see them succeed
  • Learn the best techniques for fat loss training
  • Learn why a lot of the time exercise & healthy eating just isn’t enough
  • Learn how to train women correctly in the different phases of their menstrual cycle to maximise gains

Week 5 The 6 Foundation Principles of Health & The importance of Gut & Hormonal health for Fat loss

  • Learn how to identify gut & hormonal problems
  • Learn how to anti-fungal cleanse to get your clients holistically healthy
  • Learn how to significantly improve menstrual cycles in your female clients
  • Learn what the 6 Foundation Principles of Health are & why they are so important to be truly holistically healthy & happy
  • Learn how to implement them into your own life & into your clients
  • Learn how to address all your clients lifestyle factors to offer a complete package to them

 Week 6 Business skills – Client retention + Q & A

  • Learn the tricks of the trade to keep your clients motivated & on track towards their goals
  • This is a chance to go over anything & everything you have learnt in our 6 weeks together
  • My goal is for you to walk away from this mentorship feeling confident that you can implement what you have learnt immediately, start getting better results for your clients & continue to raise your rates.

Each Mentoring Session is 60-75 minutes

Start date is Friday the 27th of March @ 1pm

Payment needs to be made by Friday the 20th of March

Maximum of 10 People, (minimum of 6) so if you are keen let me know ASAP

Call 0417 446 531 for more details



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