Addiction, Obesity & Eating Disorders

Addiction, Obesity & Eating Disorders

An addiction is just an unmet need in someone’s life that usually all comes back to a safety & security issue in their childhood.
Avoid that one will fill usually with a substance, over or under eating or highs like sex & exercise.

It does not matter what the addiction is to, it’s what’s causing the addiction at the ground level that needs to be addressed.

Anything that is done regularly enough that you can’t stop doing that causes you “any” kind of pain or suffering is considered an addiction.

A compulsion is different, usually a compulsion can be stopped once realized it’s not serving you.

Address the unmet need & discover what you are truly passionate about & the addiction peels away like a snake sheds its skin

As a mentor of mine says… “you don’t need a crisis in your life if you have a big enough dream”  PAUL CHEK

I often work with clients that want radical body shape changes that also have strong control issues or eating disorders over what they do & don’t eat, we live in a world where body image is everything to most people & emotional eating is huge in today’s society so it is my job as the coach to very carefully guide these people through their own self-realisation process & help to restore a health mind, body & spirit around food.

A great book reference that can start the healing process is called “Brain Over Binge” by Kathryn Hansen. This book looks at both over & under eating.









Steps For Overcoming Addiction and/or eating disorders.
  1. AWARENESS – Increased awareness to whatever the issue might be is needed first 
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – Addiction or eating disorders gives us the opportunity to take more responsibility for ourselves.    
  3. MOTIVATION – Eventually once life becomes more challenging than we wish to endure it motivates us to get better, the pain often isn’t enough to motivate people to follow through though. one needs an overarching dream.
  4. DIRECTION – Often we find that the cause of the addiction or eating disorder is their current situation or position in life, this immediately gives us direction out.
  5. SELF REALISATION – We begin to learn about ourselves, our likes & dislikes. Anytime we have a health related issue we are coming into relationship with ourselves just by knowing & addmiting it are forms of self realisation.
  6. LEADERSHIP – Every step back to health you are becoming healthier than others, you become more authentic & to the degree that you heal yourself you offer that healing process to anyone you share your story with.
  7. LOVE – Finally learning to forgive & love yourself on a daily basis is the final step.      


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