Anti-fungal Cleansing

If you are going to put the time & effort into a cleanse, cleanse properly!   

The cleanse I use & recommend seasonally was put together by some very well respected mentors of mine in the industry. 

Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organic Lifestyle Store in Paddington, & the team at Origin of Energy to better inform people about the role fungus, bacteria and parasites play in maintaining health in the body.

These opportunistic organisms proliferate quite readily in our bodies and a symbiotic relationship between us and them should exist. Living by the foundations of health principles will ensure this symbiotic relationship continues.

However, we all fall off the wagon at one point or another and these little guys will take over and cause all sorts of disease processes in the body unless they’re brought back into balance.

Achieving this balance can be a difficult task with the amazing amount of misinformation existing on the subject. Gut gardening is a comprehensive and holistic way of reconnecting with the seasons, the earth and the good and bad bacteria that exist in us & bringing the 3 back into rhythm.

The following are symptoms of imbalance in the body and the improvements you can feel after engaging in seasonal cleansing.

Improved Overall Health

Balance Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema,

Improve inflammation and allergic responses

Balance digestive organs

Helps to get in touch with the seasons & the foods available for that season

Rheumatoid arthritis


Type 1 Diabetes


Raynaud’s disease

Recurrent miscarriages





Eczema adn dermatitis

Hay fever




Chronic fatigue syndrome


Systemic sclerosis

Haemolytic anaemia

Diabetes type 1

Leaky Gut Syndrome

The following is some information about a very common affliction that plays a major role in imbalance in the digestive system. An increased intestinal permeability. The intestinal wall is meant to be leaky that is it is supposed to let nutrients from the food that we eat pass through into our bodies. A problem occurs when the lining of the intestines becomes damaged and the pores become larger. (very common these days) This allows undigested food, toxins, and microorganisms into the blood, activating our immune system & when food is only partially digested we miss out on vital nutrients from what we have eaten no matter how good the quality of the food. Also the liver has to work harder as this is the organ that detoxifies the blood and neutralizes any toxic substances.

What can affect the lining of our intestines?

Normal bacteria protect the lining. If an overgrowth of abnormal bacteria grows or our good bacteria is reduced by things like antibiotics, stress, tap water, alcohol & poor HCL and digestive enzymes from eating too much processed food our lining can become unprotected and damaged.


Itchy Bowel Syndrome (IBS)



Food sensitivities and intolerances



Chronic fatigue syndrome

General nutrient deficiencies

Poor micro flora

Diagnosis that can be done:

ARL Intestinal permeability test. Food allergy testing. Blood test. Urinary indican test.

Cleanse treatment aims:

Repair lining of the intestines

Weed abnormal micro flora

Increase correct micro flora

Improve digestive enzymes and HCL

Reduce intake or eliminate food sensitivities

Introduce foods that promote and repair digestion

Correct eating habits and the art of eating.

The gut flora are the microorganisms that normally live in the digestive tract and can perform a number of useful functions for their hosts.The average human body consists of about ten trillion cells & has about ten times that number of microorganisms in the gut. Research suggests that the relationship between gut flora and humans is not merely commensal (a non-harmful coexistence), but rather is a mutualistic, symbiotic relationship.Though people can survive with no gut flora the microorganisms perform a host of useful functions. However, in certain conditions some species are thought to be capable of causing disease by causing infection.

You build your garden (GUT) from birth

When a baby is born naturally, it passes through the birth canal and is coated by the beneficial and harmful bacteria that live inside its mother’s vagina. This is the baby’s first injection of bacteria. It swallows it as it’s born & travels down to the baby’s digestive tract where it has a chance to colonise and grow thus giving the immune system a taste of what’s good and what’s not. Breast milk, especially colostrum is the next step in creating the baby’s immune system. It can take up to 6 months for a Caesarean delivered baby to achieve the same levels.

Cleansing, Detoxing, How to decide…

Cleanses have been used throughout time to help heal the body and restore vitality.

The lifestyle’s we used to live actually allowed for the benefits of some of the more harsher cleanses and fasts we used to engage in to actually have some benefit. Yet today we live a very different existence, full of stresses our bodies simply have never been exposed too. Thus, cleansing and detoxing while they are very beneficial to creating health in the body, need to be undertaken with caution.

Time and space need to be created in one’s life before a detox or cleanse can be engaged in. Living by the foundations of health principles for the minimum time of one season is what i recommend before taking the next step of partaking in a cleanse. Your diet will be quite different over this period. Usually 2 weeks is the duration I suggest for clients doing the cleanse for the first time.

The Gut Gardening cleanse program is very simple and effective, because it encompasses an approach to healing that is part of a way of life and ultimately long term results follow from a consistent lifestyle approach to healing.

However, there are a number of cleanses and detoxes available to the consumer that promise quick fixes and magic bullet solutions to healing. Buying an over the counter detox kit or a miracle solution from your local market without taking the time and space to thoroughly research the effect these products will have on your health is a recipe for disappointment and long term frustration.

Buying detoxing books that promise to rid the body of toxins while dropping dress sizes per week also do little to teach the individual how to live a life that will continue to create health.

Water fasts, seriously reducing calorie intake or drinking lemon juice and maple syrup may have you initially feeling great but the kind of stress these detoxes put on the body ultimately create ill health in the long run.

Learning how to think for yourself and ultimately learning to take responsibility for the choices one makes in their life will guide you towards the path that is right for you.

Gut Gardening may not be for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a mainstream razzle-dazzle (swallow this pill) approach to regaining your health.The results take time to experience, but slowly you will feel better. Your skin will be clearer. Your digestion will be better. Your energy will improve & you will have developed the ability to really taste how sweet foods are without sugar.

For further information & the protocols used in the cleanse suggested book a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching consult with me.





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