Belly Breathing

Yesterday I decided to bring constant awareness to a slow deep relaxed breathe for the entire day .. It really 11108950_1105061666187408_4429011173326652615_nsurprised me how well it went!

I’m nearly a week & several massages into this trip & i still wasn’t feeling calm inside so I decided to do something about it ..

Breathing properly for a long period of time is so powerful it really shocked me, I normally do my 20 mins worth here & there & move onto the zillion things I have on my to-do list!
Not yesterday!!

I was taught a breathing technique recently where you breathe in through your nose slowly – pause & then release it like “the stress valve” just popped as a visualization.

Don’t just release most of it though, release the lot!
Every last bit!

Then the respiratory system kinda takes over & responds by reacting with a deeper in breathe without having to force it

This really gets the system working & opens it up fully, up until yesterday I thought I was utilizing most of my respiratory system .. So not the case!

We all breathe so fast & shallow in comparison to what’s possible.


The average breathing pace is around 20 breathes per minute, we are supposed to breathe somewhere around half that.

Over time yesterday my breath just started feeling bigger, deeper, smoother & I felt like a completely different person within 1 hour..

I kept it going the entire day, by the time i got to bed i was a new person, i layed in bed the most comfortable & realxed i have been in a looooooooooooong time!
I fell straight to sleep & slept soundly! Something i have struggled with over the years.


I also noticed as my mind started slowing down from my breathe so many more of my thoughts were from a positive /love based orientation.
When we are busy & stressed we live in a head space much more from a position of negativity & fear but as the mind calms the creative / hopeful side opens up & anything all of a sudden seems possible ..

Yesterday I had a bit of an epiphany & realised how clearly it’s my choice each day what head space I choose to live in & how much power I have over controlling it with my breathe, stress is something we manifest internally almost by choice

No thanks!

Happy Sunday

Here is a link to a blog I did a while ago on the importance of a quality breathing!
I am really happy I finally took my own advice!

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