Are Sports Drinks Healthy?

So which one is better for us. Sports drinks or Fresh Young Coconuts?

Here we have slick advertising & big business marketing at its best!

PowerAde & Gatorade drinks are full of artificial nasties!! Colourings, flavourings, additives, processed sugar & sodium chloride…

Seriously YUCK!!

These things are all known to cause digestion issues & are not much better than soda in my opinion.

Just because sportsmen are getting paid to drink them does not mean they are healthy or optimal.

These drinks are completely synthetic based & come from a laboratory!


How Much Protein Should I Eat?

People are often quite surprised to hear about the increase in required Protein by the body if you lift weights with any real intensity (& that can include body weight & boot camp type exercise).

When we exercise or lift weight we break down muscle tissue, what repairs muscle tissue you ask?? Protein does!

After you finish a workout you are actually weaker than when you started, what you do (rest & eat)between leaving the gym & coming back for your next workout will determine how quickly you move forward with the results everyone wants.


How Do I Create a Positive Mindset?

Create Safety & security in your life by setting goals to overcome fears & worry. Write down your three biggest current concerns in life, then write down 3 ways for each to start overcoming them. They always seem less of an issue on paper.

Use mentors, tapes, books or therapist if its needed.

Start a gratitude list & continually add to it on a daily basis, reread your list each night before you go to bed.

The law of attraction says that “like” attracts “like” & we are living magnets & will always attract people, circumstances, ideas & resources into our life’s that reflect our dominant thought patterns.