Body Fat

Where do you store body fat?

Storing body fat in different areas means different things & the approach to reduce body fat past the first few kg’s needs to fit the individual.

Yes genetics play a role but usually only due to the fact that the children or grand children have just followed suit having the same nutrition & lifestyle habits from the parents or grand parents. (Monkey-see-monkey-do)  
Storing body fat in certain areas is a dead giveaway of things going on internally that need slightly different approaches to get the result everyone’s looking for.

We are not born with a pear or apple shape, people develop into this shape by making fundamental mistakes with what they eat, when they eat it & how they look after themselves on a daily basis.


Meal Strategies

In the picture you can see two different meal strategies & how much difference they make to how you look & feel!
If you are one to rush out the door on tea & toast in the morning, grab a coffee while you work through lunch & then stuff yourself silly because you are so hungry by the time you get home weight gain is going to be the end result no matter how much or little you eat each day in total.

How important is breakfast?

Just about everyone on the other hand will benefit from a bigger breakfast, fueling your body & brain for the day ahead & stabilising blood sugar.

You can read more about how important breakfast is here

If the thought of food first up in the morning turns you off, it’s only because you are not used to it, I deal with this with a lot of clients & usually within a month I’ve completely switched them around by starting small & building breakfast up slowly.
Within a week or two clients start waking up hungry ✅ Pattern changed, energy improved & RESULTS are on the way! 👙🎉👍💪


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