Stubborn Body Fat

How do I get rid of Stubborn Body Fat / problem areas is a question I get asked a lot…unnamed (3)

The reality is that until a male gets down to around 12% & a female around 19% body fat you are not truly targeting your stubborn fat cells fully, stubborn fat cells are stubborn because they are last to go!

As you lose body fat you will see change in the problem areas like everywhere else but you will eventually reach a point where it’s just your problem areas left to work on & they require a more comprehensive approach to reveal those leaner legs or back of the arms you are after. 


Shoulder Injuries

B U L L E T  P R O O F the stability in your shoulders to get stronger or before you injure them!

The shoulder joint has the biggest range of motion out of all the major joints in the body.

As you can see in the photo the contact between the arm (humerus) & shoulder joint (AC) is quite downloadminimal.

The analogy used is it’s like a golf ball sitting on a golf tee.

Only having 30% of the humerus surface in contact with the shoulder joint.

This is great for being able to move our arms around wherever is needed, it does cause problems when lifting weights or playing dynamic sports though.


Live, Lift & be Merry!

Im kicking Fat Loss Goals in 2015..👌I’ve dropped nearly 4% body fat in 18 daysergerger

I’ve only been training every second day, the sessions have been intense, but I am focusing more on adequate rest & recovery this time round in between sessions & my specific nutrient timing requirements being met & they have been spot on & worked perfectly!

After doing a second 3 day carb depletion phase over the weekend yesterday I trained legs heavy & then consumed over 600 grams of quality carbs over my usual 5-7 meals daily.
This morning I woke up leaner & heavier✅👌😃💪.
Carbs are not the enemy in the fat loss game, you just have to know when to eat them & when not to.