Energy Building For Fat Loss

Who wants more energy? If you feel tired there is plenty below that can help holistically

Energy building “Working-in”

I think by now we have all realized that calories in v’s calories/energy out & running on treadmills forever & a day does not work in most cases.

With the forever increasing pace of our lives, the drop in nutrient levels of our soil & food supply commercially over the years & surviving on minimal sleep & stimulants to get us through the day most of us are left in an energy deficit.


How to Rest & Relax

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If you would like to learn a few easy ways to help unwind, control stress levels & promote a better nights sleep that work.. 

Keep Reading then!

Yesterday for me was all about REST, RECOVERY & RE-ENERGIZE..!!

My last couple of busy work weeks & current exercise & training program had left me needing to get back to basics for the day.

Escape the phone, the business, the stress & noise we all get so used to dealing with every day.

I decided to fill my day with only things that would make me feel centered, give me an increase in vitality & help ground me in both mind & body!


My Favourite Books

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy   (MY BIBLE)

by Paul Chek 

In this best selling book – How to eat, move & be healthy Paul Chek shares his approach to achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle while dropping pounds & reshaping your life & body.

This book will help you identify your individual needs and explain how to address issues that may be preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Paul reveals fascinating research and airs controversial topics while providing practical suggestions for achieving peak vitality