Fat Loss Meal Plans

Specific structured meal plans for an individual, there goals & deadline requires many considerations.11846670_1150202941673280_4743084872588675654_n

Different macro’s (protein-fat-carb) are required for different days of the week, different times of the day & for different body types!

Different body types is one consideration that a lot of trainers miss when setting a client up on a meal plan.

Some body types do really well with carbohydrates in there meal plan most days & others definitely do not, of course there are those that fit in between the 3 body types showed here & that’s where an educated FAT LOSS expert can get the results you are looking for.


Stubborn Body Fat

How do I get rid of Stubborn Body Fat / problem areas is a question I get asked a lot…unnamed (3)

The reality is that until a male gets down to around 12% & a female around 19% body fat you are not truly targeting your stubborn fat cells fully, stubborn fat cells are stubborn because they are last to go!

As you lose body fat you will see change in the problem areas like everywhere else but you will eventually reach a point where it’s just your problem areas left to work on & they require a more comprehensive approach to reveal those leaner legs or back of the arms you are after. 



I consider colonics (or a bowel flush) more than an “option” for optimal health & vitality, I consider themunnamed (4)
almost essential in the world we live in today.

Let’s consider these facts:

  • 90% of every disease known to man starts in the large intestine, the exact area of the human body that stores a lot of toxins & is optimally cleaned out with regular colonics.
  • Our lives these days are full of toxins, chemicals, medical drugs, tattoo ink, make up, lip stick, perfume, alcohol, parabens, cleaning products, recreational drugs, preservatives, colourings, additives, plastic, pesticides, processed food & a whole heap of nasty stuff that was not even invented or intended for human consumption 60 years ago.
  • People are popping prescription & over the counter medication like its candy these days & the residue gets caught in the digestive system & is shown to manifest its way into disease.


  • Up to 1kg of 20+ year old toxins, chemicals & faecal matter can be trapped in your digestive system. This is obviously very toxic to the human body. Do you want your insides to be the housing of a toxic rubbish dump? This is what colonics help to remove session by session.
  • 40 years ago colonics were much more mainstream, colonics were in hospitals & were getting results, results that were actually too good for the business model we call “the medical / health industry” so they were removed from service (benched)!
  • If you often get anxiety, gas, bloating, cramping or any kind of digestive stress including regular diarrhoea or constipation, if you don’t go to the toilet daily at a consistent time these are all signs things may not be optimal in your digestive system & you need to take action! That may just mean cleaning up your diet & lifestyle, but for me it was more!
  • The odds of a new born baby today being diagnosed with bowel cancer at some stage in their life is less than 1 in 20
  • The way I see it is, we can either take action today with things that seem to make great positive healthy change (preventative care) or gamble in a game that involves the ultimate – life/death/disease or health, vitality with a positive thought & emotional pattern for each day.
  • The health & fitness industry is in a BUZZ right now with all sorts of mostly bad but some good approaches to detoxing / cleansing, most people don’t even really understand what they are trying to clean when going through these health phases, go straight to the source to start I say (bowel flush) then clean up your lifestyle.
  • Nearly all skin issues, dandruff problems, thrush & even high levels of ear wax are gut related fungal issues which we just usually take drugs or chemicals to mask the symptoms of the true problem, it is reported that 60% of the population has different degrees of fungal infection / over growth coming from the gut.

Am I saying that Colonics are the cure for everything known to man? No definitely not!

There are many other factors like stress management, lifestyle, nutrition, hydration, genetic defects & especially emotional issues that all need to be considered to be truly happy & healthy.