Fast Fat Loss



This is something i normally keep for my 1 on 1 clients….

Lately though i have felt the urge to try & help as many people as i can so stay tuned there is a lot more of where this has come from.

Have you heard of “Blood sugar handling issues” ?

When you have fat to lose almost in all cases your blood sugar handling is not as good as it could be, to be honest in most cases it is in the toilet!

In other words your body does not utilize carbohydrates & sugar effectively or you are just eating them in to higher quantities, too often or the quality of carbohydrate is poor.

The good news is i have the answers on how to correct it, and then you will start seeing better week in, week out positive body shape change & fat loss.


Live, Lift & be Merry!

Im kicking Fat Loss Goals in 2015..👌I’ve dropped nearly 4% body fat in 18 daysergerger

I’ve only been training every second day, the sessions have been intense, but I am focusing more on adequate rest & recovery this time round in between sessions & my specific nutrient timing requirements being met & they have been spot on & worked perfectly!

After doing a second 3 day carb depletion phase over the weekend yesterday I trained legs heavy & then consumed over 600 grams of quality carbs over my usual 5-7 meals daily.
This morning I woke up leaner & heavier✅👌😃💪.
Carbs are not the enemy in the fat loss game, you just have to know when to eat them & when not to.


Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting can be an effective tool at the right time for the right person on a Fat Loss phase ..images (1)

Number one rule for effective fasting for fat loss would have to be that you have a healthy metabolism to begin with so if you eat 2-3 meals a day often skipping meals especially breakfast this is not for you!

Today I have chosen to fast from food between breakfast & dinner
(12 hour fast)

Only drinking green tea & bone broth soup

Stress levels need to be very low for the day

I always recommend fasting on a non-training day