Personal Training Video Testimonials

Clare Griggs
I love Graham.
I hate working out! I never get that ‘high’.
Never has the gym been my calling and I have been lucky enough to not need it.
Until a few years ago when a back problem became a nightmare.
Graham explained which of my muscles were not doing their job, which were over working and how this was impacting on my back, posture and life.
Over 12 weeks we worked at correcting these issues.
The difference was amazing. I really would not have believed it.
We have since moved on to weight training and I have learned how to lift effectively and safely.
Next step is starting on some body sculpture and he has provided me with an eating plan that works. I keep losing fat and my muscles are beginning to change. Not bad for a over forty gym hater.


How Do I Improve My Immune System?

Hi everyone :))

Well its defnitely getting cold again hey?!

Winter tends to bring more cold & flu type sypmtoms for a lot of people so i thought i would do a list of things to both consider & ways to nurture your immune system!

Nurture your Immune System

The immune system keeps a lookout on our internal environment for pathogens, antigens, infections & toxins floating around that shouldn’t be there to kill them off

110 Billion dollars is spent on fast food a year, a little bit of nonsense repeated for only a few years can wipe out hundreds of years of truth when it comes to what we should & should not eat, things that come with a used by date longer than a week in a packet-jar-or box are most likely not going to support a healthy immune system or vitality in general.


Addiction, Obesity & Eating Disorders

Addiction, Obesity & Eating Disorders

An addiction is just an unmet need in someone’s life that usually all comes back to a safety & security issue in their childhood.
Avoid that one will fill usually with a substance, over or under eating or highs like sex & exercise.

It does not matter what the addiction is to, it’s what’s causing the addiction at the ground level that needs to be addressed.

Anything that is done regularly enough that you can’t stop doing that causes you “any” kind of pain or suffering is considered an addiction.