The Glycemic Index


Glycemic Index List of Foods

You might ask… What is the Glycemic Index??

A low glycemic index diet is one of the best ways to look after your health, balance out your blood sugar levels to avoid over eating or making the wrong choices when it comes to what you eat.

A low Glycemic carbohydrate diet that includes good quality Protein, Fats & oils will help reduce weight effectively and naturally. Fat Loss through a low GI diet approach is safe, and you won’t find yourself needing to starve or restrict yourself on calories. We are not rabbits so there is no need to eat like them to drop body fat.



My top reasons why local organic food is such a healthier choice.

  1. Organic food is chemical free & has shown to be up to 40 x more nutrient dense than commercial produce, for anyone having trouble with energy levels organic food is the first place to start.
  2. Man can only be as healthy as the animals & plants he eats & the animals & plants can only be as healthy as the soil is, when soil is sprayed with pesticides it kills the soil & an inferior product is the result. Organic farms have shown to have 85% more microorganisms living in the soil.
  3. Most natural cancer treatment centres will only feed their patients organic food because they have worked out that to get the physiology of the body right so it can actually heal itself nutrition must come from a natural organic source as mother-nature intended it to be. Why wait until you are sick?
  4. Vitamins, secondary nutrients & trace minerals that are much higher in Organic produce are like the keys to turning the enzymes pathways of detoxification on, if you are eating nutrient deficient food (commercial produce) you can’t detoxify your body properly, this is a reason why there are so many skin problems these days, your liver & digestion gets backed up & it pushes all the garbage out the skin.
  5. Research has shown that about 80% of food shipped from the other side of the world in commercial supermarkets is stale.
  6. Supermarkets die & scent (chemical sprays) there fresh food to make it look more appealing to the consumer, organic food is supposed to look like it just came from out of the ground, not like it just went through a car wash.
  7. Commercially, cows & most live-stock are fed anything from corn, grain, cement, saw dust, cardboard, newspaper & animal remains as it is much cheaper. It causes tremendous acidity & digestive problems in the animals, veterinarians then have to pump big amounts of antibiotics into the animals to keep them alive. Eating meat from a commercial source regularly will then lead to a build-up of antibiotic resistance, digestive problems & tremendous amounts of unwanted toxins in our system.
  8. The wheel of life – chemical free soil – nutrient dense plants – happy animals – healthy man.
  9. The wheel of death – damaged soils poisoned by industrial waste – nutrient deficient plants heavily contaminated with pesticides – sick drugged animals under inhumane conditions – man consuming animals & plants form these conditions. Result is increased visits to MD’s – increased disease & drug prescriptions – loss of vitality. Research has shown that only 5% of cancer is genetic; sure there are others factors like stress, hydration, sleep, mental & emotional issues to be considered as well but first optimal amounts of energy & nutrition from a good source must be on board to allow a positive flow on effect to the other areas listed above.
  10. Organic food tastes better! You may not always be able to taste the difference but after eating organic for a few years now when I do eat something not organic you can taste the chemicals & the drop in flavour straight away.
  11. Yes Organic food is more expensive (we always pay for what we get in life) but because it is more nutrient dense studies have shown that eople tend to eat a little less when eating Organic which is great for anyone wanting to lose a few kg’s.
  12. The FDA (food & drug authority) allows companies to provide their own research to validate that their chemicals are safe.
  13. Any chemical that the liver cannot break down gets rolled in fat tissue & stored. When cooking with heat commercial food & combinations of & there different pesticides can make new chemicals. The question must be asked then – how healthy really is a commercial vegetable soup for example?


The Dangers of Antiperspirant Deodorant

Do you use antiperspirant deodorant? this BLOG mite be worth a read!    

As a Movement & lifestyle coach I am seeing a real trend developing where people are just not wanting to sweat  at all – “a fear of being stinky” maybe?

When clients tell me they don’t like to sweat I say back to them.. “you don’t”? i love to sweat!!! How can you not like to sweat????

One of the reasons I love to sweat is because sweating is one of the most effective methods of riding your body of toxins, at least 30% of the toxins that leave our body do so through our skin & sweat. 3rd only to elimination & respiration systems.