Six Foundation Principles of Health – THOUGHTS

OUR THOUGHTS…what a huge topic hey??

Keep reading if you are after some simple ways of slowing your mind down, taking control of thoughts not serving you & having more positive thought patterns to break through insecurities so you can reach your true potential.       

As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach we are taught that a high % of health & weight related issues (at any level) go much deeper than a lack of movement & too much desert.

The 6 Foundation principles of health is where my coaching begins when working with any new client & is what i always relate back to, to keep clients eye on their prize or goal.


Social Bush Walk & Energy Building Day Out


Hello everyone, bush-walk

I have organized a social event, a LOCAL BUSH WALK & ENERGY BUILDING DAY for anyone that might be interested ..

Sunday the 25th of May

We are going for a bush walk around Manly Dam

We leave section 1 of the Car Park @ 12 pm

As you all know i am a big believer in relaxation methods & balancing out the YIN & YANG forces for optimal health & there is no better place than in the bush with a group of like minded people to practice belly breathing, relaxation & cultivating energy (CHI).


Energy Building For Fat Loss

Who wants more energy? If you feel tired there is plenty below that can help holistically

Energy building “Working-in”

I think by now we have all realized that calories in v’s calories/energy out & running on treadmills forever & a day does not work in most cases.

With the forever increasing pace of our lives, the drop in nutrient levels of our soil & food supply commercially over the years & surviving on minimal sleep & stimulants to get us through the day most of us are left in an energy deficit.