How Do I Create a Positive Mindset?

Create Safety & security in your life by setting goals to overcome fears & worry. Write down your three biggest current concerns in life, then write down 3 ways for each to start overcoming them. They always seem less of an issue on paper.

Use mentors, tapes, books or therapist if its needed.

Start a gratitude list & continually add to it on a daily basis, reread your list each night before you go to bed.

The law of attraction says that “like” attracts “like” & we are living magnets & will always attract people, circumstances, ideas & resources into our life’s that reflect our dominant thought patterns.

Your body, life & situations are physical manifestations of your thoughts, words & deeds.
We have 68000 thoughts a day & approx 90% of them on average are of negative orientation..
I cant imagine that is going to leave us where we want to be in life!!!






I have been taught when i have a negative thought to see that thought as one side of a coin & to flip the coin over, if negative is on one side what must be on the other?

Sounds too simple but it does help to change the mindset …keeping a coin in your pocket to literally take  out and flip when needed allows you to make the analogy more real in your mind.

Even if you do not believe the thought to be true once you have flipped the coin over, at least seeing the thin edge of the coin as ” pure possible potential” to improve or change any given situation or thought can be a good starting point!


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