The Media really does cloud us with different ideas as to what is healthy & what is not.  Big food co-operations just have one goal, increasing their bottom line. Cost cutting on the production line at our health’s expensive.! I have touched on the importance of getting your food from the right source in other blogs…locally organically grown meat & Poultry should also be PASTURE FED ! meaning free to roam & eat grass, worm’s & whatever else falls into the animals natural instinct. Alot of the time these days animals are just fed grain’s, corn, Antibiotics/Growth hormone & other things too disgusting to mention with the most important thing for the farmer being his bottom line, these cheaper feeds fatten the animals up a lot quicker but at what expense?

We need animals that we plan to eat to roam outside in the sun, free the way mother nature intended them to be so our food is filled with nutrition & energy from the sun & the soil. Not locked up in tiny enclosures with animals standing in there own feces never seeing the light of day. We are all part of an eco-system that runs itself perfectly naturally on Earth if respected by man, its only when it is disrespected from how it was supposed to be or once was that Health as we new it is taking a steep decline. If we all just supported our eco-system instead of destroying our soils (as one example) with commercial farming just to make a buck we would all be much healthier & happier for it. In this blog I would like to give you an example of the difference between Commercial Farming for EGGS & Grass Fed Organic EGGS This is a paragraph I have taken from a very good book that I own, almost a bible if you like.. I have owned it for years & I often still have it out referencing info out of it.. NOT JUST ANY EGG Eggs were once considered to be one of the most complete & pure sources of protein by many pioneering nutrionists. Unadulterated eggs are , in fact not only an excellent source of protein, they’re also a great source of dietary fats.

Eggs have the right nutrients for the brain, nerves & glands. My grandfather, whose hobby was the study of nutrition, told me when I was a boy to always eat eggs. He correctly predicted that more & more doctors would tell their patients not to eat eggs secondary to the cholesterol scare. He emphasized that despite claims that eggs have too much fat or cholesterol, a healthy egg contains adequate lecithin to emulsify the fats in the egg, making the whole egg a well balanced, natural food source that is healthy.

The problem today is that the egg is only as good as the bird, which in turn is only as good as its environment & the food it ate, which is only as good as the soil it was raised on. Chickens that live a natural life, by the design of Mother Nature, produce eggs composed of quality proteins & an optimal omega-3;omega-6 fat ratio. A free range egg will have a ratio of between 1;1 & 1;4 while a typical commercially raised chicken egg will be as high as 1;16-30. This presents a problem for those who eat too many conventionally raised eggs, as too much omega-6 fatty acid in your diet facilitates the process of inflammation in our bodies. There was a big scare regarding cholesterol content in eggs during the 80’s. However, many don’t understand that cholesterol is a key building block for all cells & is produced by our bodies as a response to stress. When there is an inflammatory process, there is an elevated need for cholesterol.

Stress, Alcohol, medical drugs & food additives are all capable of causing inflammation in the gut, significantly elevating the body’s need for cholesterol. But when a trip to the doctor reveals high cholesterol you are often prescribed medication & told to stay away from the foods that you actually need to produce adequate cholesterol to heal the damage cells.(good quality free range grass fed organic fats). Doctors seldom look into the potential causes of elevated cholesterol & nearly never offer Healthy Lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol Naturally as an alternative, preferring to just put more stress into the body in the form of a pill. (never addressing the actual cause , more just trying to but failing to fix the problem…I’m sorry but that is not healthy in any shape or form. To test the difference between a cage-raised chicken & an organic free range, try this demonstration: Compare the effort it takes to break the leg away from the thigh on a typical commercially raised chicken V’s a organic free range chicken. You will be amazed to find that it is 3 to 4 times harder to break the ligaments of the free range chicken’s knee joint. I have seen the exact same problem with many athletes on garbage food diets that get muscle, ligaments or connective tissue injuries & cant heal , sometimes after years of therapy.

Remember people it is never to late to make a positive healthy change in your life… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT !!! HOW TO EAT,MOVE & BE HEALTHY ,by PAUL CHEK.






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