Energy Building For Fat Loss

Who wants more energy? If you feel tired there is plenty below that can help holistically

Energy building “Working-in”

I think by now we have all realized that calories in v’s calories/energy out & running on treadmills forever & a day does not work in most cases.

With the forever increasing pace of our lives, the drop in nutrient levels of our soil & food supply commercially over the years & surviving on minimal sleep & stimulants to get us through the day most of us are left in an energy deficit.

It is our birth right to have bounds of energy all day everyday

That is what living by the 6 Foundation Principles of Health (thoughts, breathing, nutrition, hydration, sleep & movement) at least 80% of the time provides.

Exercise or to workout means to ‘spend energy” the problem is when energy levels are already low it makes the energy situation worse in the long run, yes we get a release of feel good hormones after we exercise but overall the system is more depleted than before the workout & leaves us under more load, this is not good for FAT LOSS.

It is like going to the bank & depositing $2 into your account only to walk outside & draw $5 from the ATM

If you drag yourself to the gym with minimal energy or don’t even have the energy or will power to get there it is pretty safe to say that you are probably not working at the right intensity & lifestyle factors would need to also be looked at closely. “work-in” opposed to “work-out” in this situation is needed.

Lets say you ignore the above advice, jack yourself up on coffee to workout out & do it anyway.. do you really think good FAT LOSS will be the result if that is your goal?

Not a chance, infact the worse the energy levels are to start with the less high intensity & volume of exercise you should do for FAT LOSS.

I know of many people that were working out up to ten times a week for months to get skinny for summer & going backwards fast, i droped there training program to every second day & they had to do 30 minutes minimum of relaxation & breathing exercisers with 8 hours of solid sleep a night & the body fat nearly fell off them.

When this is the case our bodies have a hard time keeping up & we live on the side of our nervous system (sympathetic) that keeps us jacked up on cortisol & adrenalin, also not good for FAT LOSS & general health.

The parasympathetic side to the nervous system is where we do all out resting, repairing & digesting; This can be very good for a system under load or low on energy.

The parasympathetic nervous system can be stimulated by things like;

Going for a nature walk

Taking a bath

Listening to relaxing music or singing

Basically if you can do it on a full stomach the intensity is usally low enough to build energy through movement, movement pumps the body. Pumping at low intensity creates energy.

Meditation or just lying completely still


Tai Chi


Getting a massage

Or Zone Exercisers that we use quite often in the gym setting to complement training goals & programs with clients wanting to improve things like their thoughts (mood), sleep, digestion, energy, weight & libido.

Zone exercisers help energy blockages in different areas of the body & balance out the nervous system perfectly

With shows like “The biggest loser” it is no surprise we have this mentality if you are not getting results just work harder but does it really need to be that hard?

Working out at high intensity is the last thing you should be doing to yourself if your physiological stressors are overloaded and energy is low.

The thing to understand about stress is it all enters our system in exactly the same way. So for someone stressed or tired the mortgage payments, an unhealthy relationship or exercise at the wrong intensity all goes into our stress bucket & it can be the exercise program that tips you over the edge into health issues & weight gain.

There Are 6 Primary Areas That All Stress Comes From 

Physical – over or under moving

Mental – Negative thoughts “stinking thinking”

Psychic / Limbic Emotional & relationship isssues

Nutritional – Quality & Quantity of food. Organic food is up to 40 x more nutrient dense.

Chemical – Chemicals are everywhere these days – you are 10 x better off being outside than inside for example

Thermal – being too hot or too cold

These days most people have high stress levels in more than one or two of these categories & we need to understand that we are a battery that needs to be recharged & nurtured from time to time,

Above is a photo of me doing Tai Chi, it was taught to me by a mentor of mine at a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course i did in April this year. It is something you can do in the privacy of your own home, it does not cost anything & is very powerful at building energy, slowing the mind down & grounding us firmly in the now.

Then in combination with consistency of following the 6 Foundation Principles of Health you will find yourself bouncing into the gym a little more with a spring in your step & noticing that all your effort pushing those weights around might just be worth it.





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