Fasted Cardio

When it comes to cardio for FAT LOSS i’m personally not a fan of doing or asking my clients to do cardio first thing in the morning before eating, some people love it & tolerate it well.

Others like myself, it makes me feel like i’m forcing myself to it do it with low energy & i often feel pretty sluggish for the rest of the day, it is actually quite a stress on our physiology to train with any intensity & duration without a balanced supply of blood sugars circulating the system.

In my opinion for best results it makes no difference if it’s fasted or after eating so go with what works best for you.
So if you feel better doing it after a meal that’s my recommendation.
If you are going to eat before cardio a meal lower in carbohydrates is recommended first thing in the morning if body shape changes is the goal.











1. Are you at the correct stage of your transformation to be doing cardio in the first place?

2. Is your meal plan set up to get the most out of doing cardio?

3. Is your physiology in a position currently to gain a positive outcome from doing cardio?
Over weight tired people should not be doing cardio‼️

4. Is the cardio taking away possible results you might be gaining from the weight sessions you are also doing each week?

5. If you are going to do fasted cardio 15-20 minutes for most people is plenty.

6. The supplement BCAA is a good choice 30 minutes before fasted cardio to preserve muscle breakdown.


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