Holistic Personal Trainer


Often i am asked what is a Holistic Personal Trainer?

To explain it simply .. Exercise & Nutrition is only two parts of a six part wheel when it comes to health. Breathing, Hydration, Sleep & Thoughts being the others.

All six need to be looked at closely if true health, longevity, vitality & a zest for life interests you long term!





In the photo below you see a results graph from a extensive questionnaire that most of my one on one private clients will fill in pre-training with me.

Each section in the questionnaire relates to a different system or organ in the body, along with blood
chemistry this gives me loads of information about the clients internal environment.
Ie: digestion, adrenals, thyroid, menstruation, liver, gall bladder & others!


Which are all important! The body is a system of systems that requires all to be firing optimally to be truly healthy.
The healthier I can get the internal environment working the easier it is to get rapid healthy results for my clients!
A suboptimal internal environment is often the reason why people eat clean & train hard & dont see the changes they deserve.
As an example most people’s liver needs support, the liver is often backed up & in this situation fat loss becomes dificult in some cases no matter how clean you eat & how often you train.
You can see in the picture high, medium & low priority scores, the less high priority & the more low priority scored the easier results will be in most cases with clients i work with if they follow the program correctly ✅
I always recommend to people to first live clean for at least two weeks before entering into a structured fat loss phase, this gives the body a chance to detoxify a little first..
There’s a lot more to my services but I thought this would help some of you understand what’s possibly holding you back from a beach body! 👙😃


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