Hydration before Medication

I’ve been working with a new client over the last 4 weeks or so ..

She is over 60 years old & has suffered migraines multiple times a week for over 30 years

Not once has any health care provider (& she’s seen many) asked her if she is drinking enough high quality water & explained to her why it’s so important to stay hydrated ..

Absolutely crazy !!!

My client has not had a headache now for over 3 weeks following my daily hydration & electrolyte strategies
My client was in tears today with happiness ..

She said “I can’t believe all this time all I needed to do was drink water” .. “I can now think & start living again”
Everyone is always looking for a complicated explanation as to why they don’t feel great each & everyday but don’t look closely enough at doing all the basics right first!

“HYDRATE B4 U MEDICATE” yourself for any ailment ..

Most of the population that are suffering health related issues/symptoms can often be linked back to years of dehydration & don’t even realise

To read more about high quality water & hydration read the link below


Keep Moving & Having Fun! 




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