How Do I Improve My Immune System?

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Well its defnitely getting cold again hey?!

Winter tends to bring more cold & flu type sypmtoms for a lot of people so i thought i would do a list of things to both consider & ways to nurture your immune system!

Nurture your Immune System

The immune system keeps a lookout on our internal environment for pathogens, antigens, infections & toxins floating around that shouldn’t be there to kill them off

110 Billion dollars is spent on fast food a year, a little bit of nonsense repeated for only a few years can wipe out hundreds of years of truth when it comes to what we should & should not eat, things that come with a used by date longer than a week in a packet-jar-or box are most likely not going to support a healthy immune system or vitality in general.

Agricultural chemicals are poisoning & killing off the farm lands where we get our food which leads to the progressive destruction of our soil & the nutrient density of our food supply.


There are two strains to the immune system

The immune system is run by a many different organs

  1. The adaptive immune system that processors the elimination of pathogens or anything that comes into the body. The adaptive system gets stronger each time to the same threat
  1. The humeral immune system which is the part that is in our liquids like the blood, lymph system, mucus membranes – they are anti-body productions which stop pathogens & toxins & it secretes all the immunoglobulin’s.

80% of our immune system is in our gut so unless we have a fully functioning digestive system (which is rare) it is very dificult to have a strong immune system.

There is 4kg’s of good bacteria in a healthy GUT. 300 – 1000 different types

The Thymus gland sits just above the lungs – very important in younger years for immune system

The thymus gland producers T-cells which kill pathogens

Most people these days have varing degrees of Adrenal Stress meaing they are tired & worn out!

From the mind = thought = emotion = expressed through the body somewhere either positive or negative, to much negative & this is another form of stress for the physioligy to deal with.

Yin & Yang Forces need to be balanced 

There is always yin & yang no matter where you look in the world – everyting we do, both male & female. We live in a world where the YIN force is nearly forgotten & the Yang energy is going flat out around the clock


Anabolic = build muscle & burn fat

Right brain = creative side

Increases growth & testosterone levels


Catabolic – cortizol – breaking down muscle & injuries

Left brain – mathematical logical

Burn out & break down


Anything done for more than 14 minutes continuously turns to a stress & you start using glucocodocoids & cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue & starts getting the sugar from your muscles into your blood (elevates blood sugar levels) so you can keep running.Shuts down blood supply to digestion


Native American Indians called Coffee = empty fire = excessive nervous system stimulating = but no nutrition behind it = jacks system up to much = adrenal stress = store fat = address energy issues properly

To strengthen the Yin Force & in turn strengthen the immune system get plenty of sleep more than anything. Between 10pm & 6am is most restorative.

Rest & have down time

Breathing deeply & slowly is very yin

Good quality water is very nurturing

Tai chi, stretching, yoga Chi Gong


Organic foods

The immune system has to deal with everything coming in

Breathing incorrectly creates a stress response in the body

Breathing through the belly & nose activates the parasympathetic nervous system

Yin force = repair & relax, digestion, testosterone, DHEA, growth hormone to help burn fat, make muscle & babies

Yang force = Poor digestion, decreased salivation, constipation, anxiety, increased respiratory & heart rate, poor sleep quality, night sweats, orgasm & genital inhibition, wake up unrested, jittery, increased muscle tension, increased inflammation, increased susceptibility to infection

The way we do anything is the way we do everything – the nervous system gets used to one side or the other













All Stress Fits Into 6 catagories 

Physical Stress

Bad posture-tight muscles & Working out = muscle soreness

Chemical stress


Indoor carpets-paints-house hold cleaners or car fumes

Commercial foods & pesticides

Electromagnetic Stress

Computer-Lights-Mobiles-Reduces melatonin realise when sleeping

Physic Stress

Fear & anxiety-A Big Mortgage-A job or friend you can’t stand

Nutritional Stress 

Type, quality & quantity-Low-fat-Processed sugar

Everyone needs different macro-nutrient ratios depending on their current training & lifestyle

Thermal Stress


We need some stress, when in space there is no gravity or stress on the body & the body will start breaking down, this is why we lift weights to stress our body so it can rebuild itself to get stronger

Cold showers in the morning for 2-8 minutes are a good thermal stress as it stimulates our adrenal glands in a good way

The juice of one lemon or lime with 1/4 of a teaspoon of quality sea salt will do the same

We perceive everything (stressors) through our five sensors

This is how our programming is developed. Taste-Sight-Hearing-Smell-Touch

HPA Axis

Things from our environment go through our hypothalamus gland where our programming & beliefs are & say what is going on? Is this a stress or is everything ok?

Let’s say we do have a stress it goes onto our adrenal glands & starts to realise cortisol & metabolic effects like breaking down muscle to put sugar into the blood, it ceases digestion, fight & flight response, organs on the back burner, reproductive organs get shut off as well – Viagra & the need for fertility clinics, IVF, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries syndrome, PMS is through the roof, menopause is all to do with the sex organs not working properly due to cortisol’s & adrenalin being too high to often & the adrenal glands are burnt out.

Once this happens there is a negative feedback loop asking ok what is going on now? I’m still stressed lets go again! Bad programming & beliefs are effecting our hormonal, nervous & in turn the immune system. This is why the first 9 years of life is so important for programming

Digestion inflammation is caused by

Stress-Dehydration-Medical drugs-Food additives-Food allergies & intolerances-Food chemicals-commercial food-Irradiated & GM food-Sugar-Dis-biosis-Parasites & fungal infections to name a few.

Digestion starts in our mind, then smell then saliva we must be present with our food. When eating a meal the analogy should be that you are on a deserted island with a pet goat Wilson & he is the only thing that has lived with you for the last five years & it comes to the point where he is the last of the food available.You would be present with your food then in thanks.

Drink food & eat water (let saliva get activated through it then the body will except it a lot easier)

Hydrochloric ACID breaks down food in the stomach but people drink too much water or alcohol while eating that makes the ACID weaker therefore less nutrition gets absorbed & causes digestive issues & reflux. Palpate organs, if they are sore it means they are overloaded (yang)


Overloads the liver-Causes many seemingly unrelated symptoms-Stressors the immune system-Causes fatigue-Alters mental function-Causes leaky gut syndrome

We have microvilli in our GUT wall that are supposed to be tight together which keep food particles from getting through into the blood, If the food gets broken down enough we get more of the vitamins & minerals to digest & assimilate

If the GUT is leaky food crossers the GUT wall blood barrier & are considered an antigen by the blood, the blood says what are you doing in here? You don’t belong in here! The immune system will then attack

If you keep eating the same food & having leaky GUT there will be to many antigens IGG is released & these guys cause inflammation because they wont to get rid of the antigens at any cost – like a war going on in your GUT, the other problem with this is that it damages everything else that it comes in contact with in the GUT at the time

If inflammation & this war gets bad enough the immune system will shut off – this is happening in people who are often getting sick, this allows the antigens to circulate around & have a party. The antigens get lodged in your organs, joints & nerves & starts causing inflammation.

Most people with rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain for no reason (idiopathic) is usually saying that there gut is messed up & they are stressed out & all these antigens are starting to lodge itself in there joints & organs & causing inflammation & once there is that inflammation it will start to cause capillary leakage & the fluid will get into the connective tissue & cause fluid retention which causes cellulite

Cellulite is just telling me that they have leaky GUT, eating the wrong foods & to stressed out

It’s not the germ – it’s the hosts immune system & GUT health that causes colds & flus

Being to sanitized is not allowing your immune system to be challenged

Inflammation is an immune response; it is there to heal things.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory are the leading prescription today – Yang dominant person!

Crone’s disease, asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis & joint pains are all inflammatory responses – not genetic! Only 2-5% of cases are a genetic issue

Cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory as well, anytime the adrenal glands are exhausted cortisol levels start to drop

Back in the day it was a 1:1 or 1:4 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 Ratio – quite balanced out.

Nowadays 1:30 ratio up to 1; 60 way to many omegas 6 through vegetable oils

Vegetable oils in the last 80 years have gone up 600%

Saturated fats have gone down 60%

Sugar has gone up 60%

We are fatter than ever before, more cancer & heart disease. Something is not working!

Omega 6 is pro-inflammation – grains & corn feed

Omega 3 in anti-inflammatory – Cold water fish, flaxseeds, meat products


Stress suppresses the immune system = suppresses the T & B cells that fight off cancer = cancer cells feed on sugar = sugar is an addictive as heroin = avoid grains, dairy, processed food & anti-fungal diet & clean the GUT out = cancer comes from candida = most disease start in the GUT

Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

We go more acidic from stressing out or going for a run than eating meat all day, faulty breathing will make us too acidic

Chemotherapy has an average 5 year survival & a success rate of only 2%, it stressors the immune & adrenal glands even more. Chemotherapy is Electromagnetic & chemical stress

Avoid Fluoride & tap water completely.

Fluoride is a topical agent, you must put it on your teeth to get any benefit, drinking flourode for healthy teeth is like drinking sunscreen so you dont get sunburnt

Pesticides, insecticides, GM foods, MSG, sulphates disrupt our adrenal glands & suppress our immune system

5 grams of processed sugar will suppress our immune system for u to 6 hours, most people are having about 40g per day

Due to C-sections children’s immune systems are suppressed & causing a host of allergies & intolerances

Nutritional considerations 

Quality & quantity

Do not cut calories – body sees it as a stress & holds onto fat

Most people these days are mal-nourished

Anytime you are eating toxic foods the lymphatic system will store the toxins in body fat

For the adrenals eat lots of saturated fats, cholesterol & quality sea salt

Cholesterol is the building block for every hormone in your body

Salt is needed to stimulate the adrenal glands to make the hormones

When adrenal glands are exhausted most of the calories should come from protein & fats as sugar suppressor’s adrenal glands & immune system

Raw Maca can help balance the hormonal system – helps block oestrogen – helps activate pregnedalone

Raw liquorice root

Oregano oil for killing parasites & fungus

Whole source Vitamin C



Olive Leaf extract

Doing things you enjoy nurtures & energizers the fourth chakra which is energizing the thymus gland & immune system & heart.

Questions to ask yourself to reduce stress, fear & worry

What are you afraid of?

Where does all your worry & anxiety come from?

What does it stop you doing?

What do you need ot change in your life to change the pattern?


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