How Do I Improve My Metabolism?


If you don’t get hungry your metabolism is not working optimally!!

In this situation it does not matter how many more meals you skip or gym sessions you do, until you sort your metabolism out & start getting hungry again Fat Loss is near impossible‼️


You don’t need to go get any special tests or blood work done to know your metabolism is shot if you don’t get hungry in the morning or in between meals.

So many females especially hire me because they are caught in this situation of years of skipping meals, dieting & over exercising.

Luckily the body is so dynamic with everything that you eat & do so it’s completely reversible, start with breakfast & make it a feast‼️
I mean big‼️twice what you are eating now & do it for at least a week, breakfast is “breaking-the-fast” from not eating over night so having a big breakfast can have the most positive effect on your metabolism.

The up regulation of the metabolism through this process will offset any extra calories consumed so don’t stress out.

If you don’t have breakfast at all you need to start – plain & simple!

The next meal to attack with the same approach is post training.
Earn your meal then fill your belly up!

If you have been under eating for years don’t expect your metabolism to just bounce back in a couple of days, you will know when things are starting to improve because your hunger hormones (ghrelin & leptin) will start working again. Usually within a week clients notice hunger, energy, concentration & mood improvement.

Eating more sounds backwards for FAT LOSS but often eating more food at specific times is exactly what’s needed to actually start getting hungry again & change your body shape.

If you would like help putting a plan together contact me & we can go from there with it.


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