Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting can be an effective tool at the right time for the right person on a Fat Loss phase ..images (1)

Number one rule for effective fasting for fat loss would have to be that you have a healthy metabolism to begin with so if you eat 2-3 meals a day often skipping meals especially breakfast this is not for you!

Today I have chosen to fast from food between breakfast & dinner
(12 hour fast)

Only drinking green tea & bone broth soup

Stress levels need to be very low for the day

I always recommend fasting on a non-training day

Nutrient dense regular meals is highly recommended in the days leading up to a fast ..

I don’t recommend doing this for Fat Loss more often than every 14 days or so ..

The problem with most fasting protocols for Fat Loss is the amount of muscle breakdown associated with fasting ..

Using bone broth soup when fasting helps to combat this with the amino-acid content

Plus I consider bone broth soup a super food for its many health benefits!!
Keep moving & having fun!

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