My Approach

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Over my 14 years in the industry I have learned that a truly healthy body will always look and feel great, being overweight & tired are just symptoms of poor health.

It is important to me to constantly study and learn from mentors at the top of their field.

Guru’s & health care professionals that are an example of true health themselves and have studied the habits and health of individuals living with optimal health.

A healthy body comes with a healthy mind & motivated mindset, the healthier the individual is the easier body shape changes become.

Live Fit Holistic PT includes:

Physique Coaching: My goal is to not only get my clients lean but to develop a physique while going through a fat loss phase, a physique they would happily show off at the beach.

Fat Loss Expert: I have gone the extra mile with education over the years from the best in the business to offer results based training

Periodised Training: Well thought out blocks of structured training programs are used to facilitate change quickly.

Meal Plans: Structured meal plans with macro splits & food recommendations are designed to progress quickly & match the current training volume with nutrient timing techniques.  

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching: Will include anything to do with management of self better to accelerate the results you are looking for.

Emotional Eating & Food Cravings Assistance

Movement Correction: I pride myself on doing things properly with clean movement, movement without restriction.

Muscle Activation: I teach my clients how important it is to truly fire muscle tissue correctly to facilitate any body shape changes, this is a game changer with most clients I work with.

Bi-Weekly Body Fat %: To keep clients motivated & to confirm results are being made  

Orthopaedic Assessments: With extensive study in orthopaedic assessment, corrective exercise & injury prevention I can tailor a training program to also work on your imbalances & weakness areas while training for any body shape change goal.

Goal Setting: Short, medium & long term goals are set then adjusted monthly as progress is made.

Dream Building: “When you have a big enough dream, you no longer need a crisis in your life”

Health: A fit looking body is not necessarily a healthy body; my goal is to transform our client’s bodies from the inside out.        

If you have tried changing your body shape, reducing pain or getting healthy in the past and have not managed to get the results you are after there would be a fundamental reason or reasons why preventing you from achieving your goals.

I take a comprehensive holistic healthy approach to getting you looking & feeling better sooner!

Train & Nourish your body to see the change you want 

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of over training and under eating to see the change you want.

That does not work long term!! Exercise should be about rewarding your body with endorphin’s and strength, not about driving yourself further into the ground every time you set foot in the gym because you don’t like what you see in the mirror!

Exercise and nutrition needs to be specifically tailored to each individual and needs to progress incrementally to see consistent & sustainable results.

By knowing exactly what’s needed and what’s not, how much training volume is appropriate for you and how to recover fully between sessions the road to a body shape change can also be a very enjoyable one.

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