Online Client :
Lin Taylor
Brisbane Queensland

I have been working with Live Fit Online for approx 4
months now.

Working with Live Fit has been an amazing journey. I recommend Graham to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their life, health or fitness.
I have learned so much along the way about my body & how to get the most out of it everyday so I can feel & look my best – I have also managed to lose 12 kg’s of body fat without any silly dieting or boot camp style training sessions.

I have worked with other online trainers over the years but Live Fit really knows his stuff & was the only trainer able to pin point why my body shape was not changing.

Live Fit Online has also put the fun back into training, something I did not honestly think was possible 4 months ago, I actually look forward to training these days.

I have found Live Fit Online to be very supportive, educated & motivating.

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