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Online Coaching | Live Fit Personal Training Warriewood Brookvale Avalon Northern Beaches


Live Fit Holistic PT Online
Coaching Offers You Fully
Supported & Personalised Nutrition,
Lifestyle & Training Coaching To
Create And Maintain a
Dream Physique All Year round.

Online Client :
Lin Taylor
Brisbane Queensland

I have been working with Live Fit Online for approx 4
months now.

Working with Live Fit has been an amazing journey. I recommend Graham to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their life, health or fitness.
I have learned so much along the way about my body & how to get the most out of it everyday so I can feel & look my best – I have also managed to lose 12 kg’s of body fat without any silly dieting or boot camp style training sessions.

I have worked with other online trainers over the years but Live Fit really knows his stuff & was the only trainer able to pin point why my body shape was not changing.

Live Fit Online has also put the fun back into training, something I did not honestly think was possible 4 months ago, I actually look forward to training these days.

I have found Live Fit Online to be very supportive, educated & motivating.


If You’ve Struggled To Change Your Body Shape In The Past Let Me Guide You From Start To Finish
Through Your Transformation.
It’s Not As Hard As You Think To Change Your Body Shape.

The stand out difference with Live Fit Holistic PT Online is the health & lifestyle emphasis I also put into
each clients program.
Most peoples body shape won’t change if they are not sleeping optimally, digestion is compromised,
health is not optimal or are tired most days!
I teach you how to get the most out of yourself!

For a fraction of the cost of hiring me privately, you too can have access to the methods I use to get my clients
in the best shape of their life & stay that way all year round.

I have 15 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry & have spent over 100K educating myself, for one
reason ..


When you sign up to my exclusive holistic coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalised
guidance that has been proven to work over & over.

Each approach is specific to each & every person I work with.


Online Client: Leah Evans
Belrose NSW

My experience with Live Fit Online & Graham as my coach
has been life changing!

Not only has he taught me the importance of eating to
nourish my body at the right times before and after
training (no starvation at all!) he explained and showed me
the importance of performing exercises correctly to
improve my strength & body shape.

The regular contact he provides to make sure your on the right path, being there every step of the way sets him well ahead of the rest.

I can’t recommend Graham enough.
My body fat% went from 29% to 21% in our total of 12
weeks together.

I am a mother of one & have been training regularly at Cross Fit for years, i honestly never thought i could be this comfortable in my body again 🙂

Never will you experience dedicated coaching like this!
Thank you Graham!

The testimonial is really in the confidence I had to take the after shot and be proud to show it!!”

No Gimmicks. Real People. Real Results!

Clare Griggs

I love Graham.

I hate working out! I never get that ‘high’.
Never has the gym been my calling and I have been lucky
enough to not need it.
Until a few years ago when a back problem became a
Graham explained which of my muscles were not doing their
job, which were over working and how this was impacting on
my back, posture and life.

Over 12 weeks we worked at correcting these issues.
The difference was amazing. I really would not have believed it.

We have since moved on to weight training and I have learned how to lift effectively and safely.
Next step is starting on some body sculpture and he has
provided me with an eating plan that works. I keep losing fat
and my muscles are beginning to change. Not bad for a over
forty gym hater.

Meron Waller

You’re tired.
You’re in a downward spiral of eating wrong and you know it.
You’re not at the gym you paid good money for cause the body you had is gone.
You’re dreading summer cause those winter lumps are terrifying.


He’s a LIFE TRAINER that gets results out of you!
He has invested his life in his passion for YOUR health!
I was in the slump above. He encouraged me to grab the
life I knew I had! You will NEVER look back. He is
extremely skilled, approachable, caring, professional,
rehabilitative, energising, and all in all



"So many people spend everyday feeling awful about themselves,
they don’t have to!
Let me help you change your life..."


Live Fit Holistic PT has motivated hundreds of people to change their lives, achieve a body shape to be
proud of and actually start loving working out again!

Live Fit considers Nutrition & Training to only be two pieces of the puzzle if looking & feeling great each
day is what you dream of.

My program shows you how to put all the pieces together!
I have always had a passion for health, fitness & exercise.

My Dad had me running the City to Surf 14 km Fun Run here in Sydney when i was just 10 years old.

“I have now been in the Fitness Industry for 15 years & absolutely love what i do”
I love to continually learn & share with those motivated to change their life.
I really want to send the message that anything & everything is possible when it comes to changing your
health, body shape & well being! That really does exclude no one!

Life is about choices, let me show you how easy it can be to develop a strong mindset, positive outlook &
bounce out of bed each day with a real ZEST for life again!

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