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  • 8 Session Value Pack
  • 8 x 1:1 Personal Training Sessions.
  • I work with each client individually to create changes for life. From lifestyle, nutrition coaching and stress management.
  • I aim to help you achieve absolute vitality and well being and/or full athletic performance.
  • My assessment and program design protocols are based on the teachings of Paul Chek.
  • The C.H.E.K modality looks at the body as a system of systems that are deeply interrelated.
  • My in depth assessments includes movement screening, posture, core function, flexibility, lifestyle factors and organ and energy systems.
  • I look at all the contributing factors to any current issues and ascertain the most effective journey to reach your full health & exercise potential.
  • Health & fitness goals are put on a time line to ensure results.
  • I design programs specific for you & your needs to make sure you achieve your goals!
  • Continual support, guidance & motivation are my middle names.
  • After 8 sessions you will see a solid improvement in all areas of your life if you follow my programming .
  • Train at a pace that’s right for you
  • No Gym Membership Required
  • $120.00 Per Session
  • Assessment with Corrective Exercise & Lifestyle Program
  • As a C.H.E.K Practitioner I don’t just throw exercises at people randomly.
  • I design a detailed holistic program specific to your bodies requirements & weaknesses.
  • Why just exercise? If you want a program specific to you & your goals this is a great place to start.
  • You will get a Detailed Holistic Program with:
  • Corrective Stretches | Postural Improvement | Goal or Sport Specific Exercises | Nutrition & Lifestyle Modifications | Stress Reduction recommendations | Energy Building Exercise
  • No Ongoing Commitment
  • $425.00

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