How Much Protein Should I Eat?

People are often quite surprised to hear about the increase in required Protein by the body if you lift weights with any real intensity (& that can include body weight & boot camp type exercise).

When we exercise or lift weight we break down muscle tissue, what repairs muscle tissue you ask?? Protein does!

After you finish a workout you are actually weaker than when you started, what you do (rest & eat)between leaving the gym & coming back for your next workout will determine how quickly you move forward with the results everyone wants.

Most people finish a workout & don’t give a thought to the opportunity of eating to replenish & start the growth & repair phase from the workout, it is a fundamental requirement if you want to maximise your time & effort in the gym to plan your post workout meal & to eat it as soon as your session is complete.

I just want to make it clear that this is for Fat Loss results just as much as it is for increasing lean Muscle Mass.

Hormonal changes occur during your workout & energy reserves are depleted, these need to be restored otherwise you are leaving your own vessel in a catabolic broken down state which is far from healthy & will not allow for the optimal adaptations to your body shape.

If you would like more info on how to fuel yourself correctly to see continual results from all the hard work I can be contacted on 0417 446 531 to discuss a consultation time that is suitable.

Nothing saddens me more as a COACH than seeing people with all the will power in the world but unable to change their body shape due to not having the knowledge base to understand the importance of nutrient requirements & timing to match their training.

So how much protein should I be eating?  .

Female Protein Intake especially on training days .. Bare minimum = 1.75 grams of protein X your Body weight in kg’s per day.

Males Protein intake bare minimum 1.8 – 2.2 grams depending on who you listen to & what your training frequency & intensity is like.

If you are not hitting these numbers you will never “maximise” all your efforts throwing weight around at the gym .. ITS IMPOSSIBLE! 


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