Six Foundation Principles of Health – HYDRATION

Are you drinking enough quality water each day? Below i explain why it is so important not to over look it if looking & feeling awesome is high on your priority list!   

Considering that we are 75% water in body, that adequate hydration determines how stable
the environment inside & around our cells are & to go completely without any hydration for more than a few days will be life threatening it is fair to say that without it we are in trouble…

To provide an optimal environment for life, the water we consume through food & drink must be clean & should supply the body with needed electrolytes, something not offered in regular tap water.

We all know that tap water must be sanitized with chlorine & its buy products to kill all unfriendly bacteria which is great, or is it? when consuming tap water regularly it also kills the friendly bacteria in our gut as well though. These friendly bacteria are so important for digestion, gut health & there for overall health. We are supposed to have a ratio of approximately 85% friendly & 15% unfriendly bacteria in our gut; research is showing that a large percentage of the population these days have these ratios upside down.

Old copper water way pipes that were soldered with lead can leach heavy metals into the system; also thousands of chemical compounds are finding their way down into our water ways. Even at very small doses considering we are supposed to drink 3% of our body weight in litres per day is it really worth the risk?

We spend $5 for coffee, flavoured milk or a bottle of soda sometimes daily, what does that add up to over a year? For a couple of hundred dollars buying a water filter & a glass or stainless steel water bottle can be an investment in our whole family’s health & will help reduce plastic bottle landfill. Worldwide we currently throw out over 200 billion bottles of water per annum. 🙁

Quality water is mineralised from the earth & can come from a natural spring for example where the water runs over the earth & rocks or by re-mineralising filtered water with a pinch of high quality Celtic sea salt.

If in hospital with dehydration we are not given a couple of glasses of water, we are rehydrated with a saline solution which is very high in these very important minerals. In fact our blood has a very similar salinity as ocean water. Approximately 78 different minerals & trace minerals.

Clients will often say but i have to go to the toilet all the time if I drink that much water. Because drinking mineralised water has a much better chance of becoming part of us & actually hydrating our cells rather than just flushing through generally when the switch is made & proper hydration is accomplished a reduction in urination is noticed.

Below is a list of a few other reasons to look at hydration & its importance.

  •  A dry mouth is not the only symptom for dehydration; dehydration can contribute to asthma, hypertension, ulcer, allergies, arthritis, lower back pain & much more. Hydrate before you medicate.
  • When the body becomes dehydrated histamine becomes the master water regulator hormone, this is why things like hay fever & allergies should be treated as a sign of thirst first.
  • Brain function takes priority over all other systems for hydration, the brain is only 1/50th in size of the body
    but it receives 18 -20* of total blood in circulation. The brain itself is 85% water. 1% drop in dehydration at the central nervous system can have asignificant drop in psychological function.
  • Constipation can often be caused by dehydration; one of the main functions of the large intestine is taking water
    out of faecal matter after food digestion, the body is very water efficient but if you are dehydrated the large intestine will have to work overtime squeezing every last bit of water out of the faecal material & in turn it will get
    harder to pass – do you really want that water in your body anyway? It’s called auto-intoxication & comes with loads of carcinogens.
  • Until the body is properly hydrated arthritis pain should be viewed as water deficiencies in the affected joint cartilage surfaces, the body scavenges water from the joint cartilage when dehydrated.
  • The kidneys are responsible for urine production, also excess hydrogen, potassium, sodium & other waste material. These functions are maintained in proportionate to sufficient availability of water;
    if there isn’t enough water your kidneys cannot do their job & can do damaged.
  • There are no good substitutes for water, processed fruit juices are pasteurised (dead) & void of any enzymes and most of the vitamins have been destroyed by heat or oxidised. This is why they fortify or enrich things with cheap synthetic vitamin substitutes (harmful not helpful). This equals sugar water & it takes more water than the juice that you drank to digest the sugar so the body has to pull water from elsewhere. This is the same for coffee, some teas, commercial milk & alcohol especially.
  • It is common if dehydrated to mistake thirst for hunger & eat more food than needed.
  • Diet sodas cause overuse of energy reserves due to excitation from the chemical action of the artificial sweetener & caffeine. Additionally the liver must detoxify the chemicals (DVD Bitter Sweet).
  • It is also important to remember that if it is on your skin you’re drinking it, research shows if you take a bath in chlorinated water you will absorb 60% as much chlorine as if you had drank the entire bath tub of water. Water filters are also available that screw onto bath & shower connections for as little as $50.
  • While distilled water may be good for detoxification (pulling toxins out of the body) it should only be used for short periods of time as it is completely bare (mineral free). The thinking is that it also pulls minerals out of bones & teeth & can cause osteoarthritis & tooth decay.
  • A total dissolved solids (minerals) of 300 parts per million is recommended in water which is often displayed on the label.
  • Water is best consumed at room temperature.
  • Plastic water bottle’s & Tupperware type products leach zeno-eostrogens into the water that can lead to weight gain.
  • Drinking 2 glasses of water at least 15 minutes before eating lubricates the gut wall & activates a hormone that aids indigestion & elimination.
  • Drinking too much water while eating dilutes digestive enzymes & makes it hard to get nutrition out of food.
  • Water is second to oxygen as the most important nutrient for the human body, we all want clean unpolluted air to breathe & we should all have clean mineralised water to drink.





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