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These are real testimonials from some of my happy clients that I have trained over the years. I love seeing people achieving their goals!

“The results keep me motivated”

If you want result Graham is your man!unnamed

I lost inches all around especially those stubborn fat around my butt and thighs!

It’s hard to believe the pair of shorts that I used to struggle to put on are now almost falling off me after 9 weeks.

The most impressive transformation comes from a lifetime of “flat ass syndrome” to a gorgeous looking booty in such a short time!

Graham is a master sculptor! The results keep me motivated to continue training and eat clean and I now truly appreciate such an awesome lifestyle with multitude of amazing benefits!

Thank you so much Graham!

Lexi Lee Newport NSW                          Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I was able to drop the unwanted kilo’s with ease”

During the 8 week period I was guided through two 4 week unnamed-markprograms, each of which was comprised of weight lifting movements with a high focus on tempo and technique.

These focus points allowed me to get the most out of my routine like never before by constantly engaging the muscle groups properly.

The additional video resources, weekly catch ups and constant availability via email gave me all I needed to confidently execute my programs.

In combination with a macro based nutrition plan, I was able to drop the unwanted kilo’s with ease, remove that horrible stomach fat and develop lean mass.

I can happily recommend Graham’s services to anyone, the guy walks the walk & he knows how to get people in shape fast without killing them in the process.

Mark Bucknell Central Coast NSW            Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

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Vanessa Turner : Mona Vale NSW       Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person 

“Graham’s holistic approach just makes sense”

For the past 15 years I have trained the same way, to keep fit and healthy and had accepted that what I had was my natural body shape and there was no changing it. I would train twice a week with a boot camp group, run approx 3 times a week and add in some swimming and yoga in addition to that, yet my shape never changed.IMG_4559

I still had heavy hips and legs that would swell after long distance runs, I couldn’t seem to ever increase my running speed for races, I regularly had lower back pain and often felt completely wiped out due to the amount of exercise I was doing…… but I had to keep going. I felt like I was on a never ending cycle of training to keep my body how it was, but not seeing any changes or benefits at all. I did however think this was the best way to be fit and healthy, living by the motto of “more is better”

“When I first started training with Graham he did a complete assessment of my body, measurements of my flexibility and my bodies alignment, along with getting me to answer a detailed questionnaire to assess what else was and was not functioning properly in my system. From there he wrote me a personalised program.

In only 10 weeks of training i have lost the body fat i have been trying to lose half of my life. I feel stronger, my skin and eyes are clearer, my legs are changing shape. I have no more back pain, and my hips are back in alignment. Most importantly to me, I have more energy because I am not pounding the pavement and my body day in day out for no gain. I feel like a different person.”

Mandy Brideson , Warriewood NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“i am heaps happier & healthier now so thank you”  

Graham Johnston you are a legend, you changed my life!.unnamed-2

The work I did with you completely transformed my lifestyle.

Even though a few months after we started training together I had to move, I have continued to apply the myriad of knowledge I gained from training with you.

I’m heaps happier & healthier now so thank you.

You were a pleasure to work with brother, you really took the time to understand my individual needs and you opened my eyes to how far you can really take your health & body shape changes if you are committed.

Dwayne Mercorella Newcastle NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“never will you experience dedicated coaching like this”

“My experience with Graham as my coach has been life changing! Not only has he taught me the importance of eating to nourish my body at the right times before and after training (no starvation at all!) Graham explained and showed me the importance of4a2e7115-48dc-4a16-b381-f0033fabfe05

performing exercises correctly to build lean muscle mass.

The DAILY contact Graham provides to make sure you are on the right path, being there every step of the way sets Graham well ahead of the rest. I can’t recommend Graham enough. My body fat% went from 29% to 21% in our total of 12 weeks together. I am a mother of one & have been training regularly at Cross Fit for years, i honestly never thought i could be this comfortable in my body again 🙂

Never will you experience dedicated coaching like this! Thank you Graham…! The testimonial is really in the confidence I had to take the after shot and be proud to show it!!”

Online Client: Leah Evans Belrose NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I haven’t felt hungry or deprived for one second of those 8 weeks”

i just completed the 8 week program with Graham. Don’t come to this man to achieve your goals if you want him to sugar coat things, He won’t! He gives you a comprehensive plan & educated me fully on what we were doing & why. But that’s actually how I needed it to be.

I’ve been doing weights on and off for 20 years but learned HEAPS that I didn’t know from just a couple of training sessions.16584940_136777570175965_407510104817008640_n(1)

It’s all about the precision and timing of the movement – not just belting out sets. I was also HORRIFIED to be told to increase my calories, when the goal was to lose weight!

I think all us girls are used to starving ourselves a little bit, but I haven’t felt hungry or deprived for one second of those 8 weeks.

I have definitely seen positive changes in my body and my strength and all this from eating MORE than I’m used to. I’m very motivated to keep up the good work so thanks Graham!

Dani Lombard NTH Beaches Sydney Disclaimer: *Results may vary person to person

” the goals we set out to achieve we smashed” 

I worked with Graham for just over 3 months as I wanted to lose weight.

But it turned out to be so much more than that – probably one of the best things I’ve ever invested in – me!After only our first session, I felt totally inspired, motivated and supported in new goals to a healthier me.unnamed

First up Grahm did a full assessment f my body, I also completed nutrition & lifestyle questionnaires & a food diary to determine changes required. Graham worked with me on a fat loss training program that changed every week and completely overhauled my diet! I learnt so much about eating and living healthy and felt like I was on a mission to learn more! I felt more in control and happier than I ever had been and the goals we set out to work on together I had smashed in 3 months – I went down from 71kg’s to 63kg’s and was in my skinny jeans and felt amazing! My knees that used to cause me pain were now a thing of the past and I was able to sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

The principles Graham taught me about eating healthy, stress-free living and proper exercise have meant that I have the tools to continue being healthy & happy & fit it within my lifestyle.

I would recommend Graham to anyone looking for a change, a refresh and a complete lifestyle overhaul!

Alicia Freeman Manly NSW  Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I lost 12% Body Fat in 14 weeks” 

I started working with Graham in early 2014…Graham was I think the 8th personal trainer that I had hired over the years…none of which came close to what Graham’s services ended up offering me…unnamed (1)

From the moment we started working together I was inspired, motivated & felt like I was in great hands with the amount of enthusiasm & knowledge Graham has.

All of a sudden it felt like it wasn’t a matter of “if” we achieve my goals, but more “when”.

Graham has a comprehensive holistic wealth of knowledge when it has anything to do with health, exercise, fat loss & optimal performance.

Graham helped me in all these areas

  • I lost 12% Body Fat in 14 weeks & have maintained that now for nearly 9 months without over exercising or ever under eating. I now actually eat more than I did when I was overweight!!    
  • Graham has a series of nutrition & lifestyle questionnaires, assessments & recommended reading that had me fully engaged in what I was doing.
  • I’ve had chronic digestive stress since I can remember, no one was able to help me sort it out until I met Graham, I learnt quickly without correcting this first I had no chance of losing the body fat I wanted to.
  • Graham set me detailed meal plans specific to my needs & gave me the understanding as to why & when you eat or don’t eat certain foods to reach my goals & adjusted the plan each time I started to plateau to keep me moving in the direction I was searching for
  • Bi-weekly Skin Fold Testing to make sure i was actually losing fat & not just weight
  • Back, neck & knee pain is now a thing of the past
  • I always received a comprehensive exercise programming that had me enjoying what I was doing, being challenged & leaving me with a sense of my body feeling put together better.
  • Much improved sleep & stress management techniques that I now could not live without
  • Hormonal & menstrual cycle improvement
  • I always felt like not a stone had been left unturned in his approach to reaching my goals
  • Goal Setting was a big help, everything we set out to achieve was placed on a goal setting time line that Graham had me do initially & update when the time was right. This always gave me a sense of being on the right path & not wanting to deviate from it.
  • I now feel not only that I look better but I am actually healthier too, Graham has made me realize that it is the simple things done regularly that get the best results
  • & much more. I cant recommend Grahams services enough!! My girlfriends are now also starting to feel the benefit of Graham’s approach which has been great to watch.

Amie Crawford, St Ives NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I’ve lost 12 kg’s of BODY FAT without dieting”

unnamed (1)

I have been working with Graham now for approx 4 months online. Working with Graham has been an amazing journey, i recommend Graham to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their life, health or fitness.. I have learned so much along the way about my body & how to get the most out of it everyday so I can feel & look my best – I have also managed to lose 12 kg’s of body fat without any silly dieting or boot camp style training sessions.

I have worked with other online trainers over the years but Graham really knows his stuff & was the only trainer able to pin point why my body shape was not changing.

Graham has also put the fun back into training,  Something I did not honestly think was possible 4 months ago.. I actually look forward to training these days. I have found Live Fit Online to be supportive, educated & motivating.


Lin Taylor, Brisbane QLD  Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person


10 Week Transformation

Testimonial coming soon


Joe Bonnington Dee Why NSW    *Results may vary person to person

“I am feeling better than I ever have”

“After years of mountain bike races, I started to suffer lower back pain every time I was on my bike, as well as sitting, standing and running.
I’d tried Osteo, massage but nothing was fixing the source of the problem. Graham from Live Fit was recommended to me and I have never looked back.

Initially focusing on my lower back the introduction into the C.H.E.K way was gentle and holistic, all aspects of my lifestyle were taken into account, diet, sleep, stress and posture.
Graham has now addressed my lower back problem and I am pain free.
I even managed to win my age group in the 50 km Convict MTB race and the Bondi Soft sand 4km races in May.

Throughout the 12 weeks that I have been training with Graham, he has been active and interested in my progress, sending me tips and information to keep me motivated, he inspired me to take on a 2 week cleanse that has me feeling better than I ever have.

I would highly recommend Graham at Live Fit for anyone, at any level of fitness, he is a guru!”

Vanessa Boatwright, Collaroy NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I am so grateful that i chose to do your program”.

Graham, i just wanted to thank you for your coaching over the course of my training with you. I learnt a lot & will carry that through with me for the rest of my life.Things just seemed so obvious once they were explained to me properly, its funny how most of us have things so backwards in out approach.jdboiwenfiofio

I felt like i was eating so much food & every four hours & with no cardio in your programming i was unsure how it would all pan out.

To do an hour of weights with a balanced diet of whole food i toned up & started dropping those last few kilos that were being really stubborn.

So now while i have a new addition growing inside of me ive had to make some modifications to my training but come July when the baby is born ill be jumping straight back onto the meal plan & training programs you originally put me on with great confidence of once again changing my body shape for the better.

I am so grateful that i chose to do your program, your knowledge base is exceptional.I thank you very much & have recommended you to a few of my friends already.

Online Client : Nicole Smith Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person


4 week transformation

(client testimonial coming soon)





Ben Ellis : Belrose NSW  Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person


“Graham goes above and beyond our expectations”

Our entire experience with Graham has not only been motivating and supportive but it has opened up a completely new understanding of what true health really involves. Graham’s approach is tailored to the individual’s needs and goals and covers all aspects of health and well being. We have learnt the essential foundations of health and happiness through education and guidance on diet, organic food, hydration, breathing techniques, meditation, exercise, emotional well being, energy building, posture correction, pain relief and sleep and how these aspects interlink.

Graham’s approach uses a tailored program that creates a strong foundation to build upon.
We have both suffered ongoing back pain which has now significantly improved.
After each session we feel stronger and healthier and can see and feel the results! Graham also guided us through a six week cleanse which has dramatically improved our energy levels, skin, clarity, thought processes and digestion.

Graham has not only been an excellent trainer but his friendship is now highly valued by us both, Graham goes above and beyond our expectations and continuously goes out of his way to provide us with individual information. The decision to train with Graham has definitely changed our life and we could not be more satisfied!

If you are after true commitment, support, enthusiasm and real results that provide lifelong change and improvement then Graham is absolutely the way to go!”

Dwayne & Fini  Dee Why NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“I have found a more positive path to my fitness”

I just finished an 8 week group program with Graham aimed primarily at fat loss.graham2

I did lose the few kilos I was after but was actually more impressed with the bonus changes I got.

Very quickly I started to feel stronger, getting clear improvements on the same movements I’d been doing for years, now just with the knowledge and form to do them correctly again.

I’m more confident with my shoulder which used to become injured far too easily. Incorporating his advice on lifestyle changes like yoga, meditation and being mindful, listening to your body are continuing to give me back something to my too busy life.

I have found a more positive path to my fitness and am looking forward to these benefits continuing!

Alison MacRae Royston : Dee Why NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person


“So many areas of my life have improved”

“I have experienced lower back pain for thebest part of 2 decades. Having tried all on offer including osteo, chiro, physio, yoga, etc… it wasn’t until I had a severe reoccurence late last year that I decided I needed to have a go at something different.

Being in my 40’s with 4 children I didn’t want to be hobbling around constantly in pain like life was half over. I had been looking into the C.H.E.K approach when a friend recommended Graham to me, from the initial evaluation the approach made sense to me, assessing my whole body as an individual. I found the experience to be a revelation.

All of a sudden it made a lot of sense to me, how can you treat someone the same way you do everyone else and then not also pay attention to lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, hydration and relaxation? We have worked very hard on my posture and back strength and for the first time I feel like I can live pain free, each exercise builds on the last and I feel like we are building a house brick by brick with lasting strength and longevity.

Graham’s been great, i was lucky to find someone that suited me so well early on, his patience and knowledge coupled with encouragement along the way has made a real difference. I value greatly the individual approach of the C.H.E.K system. So many areas of my life have improved. .
I really would recommend Graham, the only thing I regret is not knowing about Graham or the C.H.E.K system earlier.”

Scott Jago, Manly NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“Graham’s passion & enthusiasm for his work is obvious”  

“Graham has been my personal trainer for a year now. He has shown dedication & integrity from the first day & has made the task of getting fit, feeling good & being healthier a lot easier than I had expected it to be. When I first came to Graham I had knee, neck & shoulder discomfort, today that is a thing of the past.

The Holistic approach that Graham uses has been invaluable to the overall process of regaining my smile & function.

Graham allowed me to integrate his suggestions at my own pace but with his gentle encouragement always kept me moving forward. Graham’s passion & boundless enthusiasm for his work is obvious at all times which has inspired me at 66 years of age to stay healthy & live life feeling young. ”

Heather Mackintosh, Scotland Island NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

I’ve lost the unwanted weight”

After I stopped breastfeeding my 2nd child I started running, short distances at first but it didn’t take long to become addicted to longer distance running. Over time I found that I had knee pain and was often exhausted and unwell. I was constantly hungry, I had huge sugar cravings and I had slowly started putting on weight.

Initially I combated this by running more, doing spin classes etc.. but this just seemed to make things worse. A friend recommended Graham.

To combat the cravings and hunger, Graham reviewed my diet and introduced the concept of balanced ‘real food’. I’ve lost the unwanted weight & have minimal sugar cravings.

Graham also assessed me and found that there was a rotation in my hip. Graham introduced exercises to correct the rotation & strengthen my glutes & weak muscles in my core. Graham has been very patient with my progress. I have 2 kids and work part time so my commitment is not always what it could be. Graham also taught me ‘breathing’ exercises to help energize me in the mornings and slow me down and relax me at the end of the day.

I have not been sick in ages, (touch wood!) my energy levels are great, & my posture, pain & misalignment has been corrected.

I would recommend Graham to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, improve their health and become stronger inside and out.”

Tracy Gowen, Newport NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

“My body is leaner & more defined”2014-09-02 09.06.20

Coming to Live Fit and having Graham as my Coach / Trainer has been such a positive healthy and life changing experience.

From the first consultation I had with Graham I knew that his Holistic approach to training & health in general was exactly what my body needed, I went to Graham with knee pain, anxiety & menstrual issues but soon learnt that just trying to treat the pain or issue was not the solution, we needed to find the cause. The benefits of the sessions with Graham to my body have been immense, not only have I improved in my movement, strength and posture but my knees have also improved & I am now able to run again.

My body is leaner & more defined, Grahams overall holistic approach has balanced my body but also my whole being. I always come away from Graham’s sessions feeling fantastic, energized and knowing that my weakness are on the improve & the workout has been a gift to my body.

Allow your body to work as one healthy unit and you will feel amazing too! I would recommend Graham to anyone! Thanks Graham I could not be happier..!

Sarah Sherrard Collaroy NSW Disclaimer : *Results may vary person to person

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