Shoulder Injuries

B U L L E T  P R O O F the stability in your shoulders to get stronger or before you injure them!

The shoulder joint has the biggest range of motion out of all the major joints in the body.

As you can see in the photo the contact between the arm (humerus) & shoulder joint (AC) is quite downloadminimal.

The analogy used is it’s like a golf ball sitting on a golf tee.

Only having 30% of the humerus surface in contact with the shoulder joint.

This is great for being able to move our arms around wherever is needed, it does cause problems when lifting weights or playing dynamic sports though.

Lifting heavy weights does nothing to increase the stability of the joint.

The weight is causing an increase in loading demand though on what I call a real weak point of the human body.

The stronger you are the more stability work you need to do in the deeper & surrounding muscle of the shoulder to avoid injury & to keep seeing strength gains.

Over the next couple of months (on Instagram LIVE_FIT_PT) I’m going to first video some self-assessments you can do to see how your thoracic spine/posture (upper back) & shoulder ROM is.

Once I’ve done that I will move onto my go-to shoulder stabilisation exercisers to BULLET PROOF your shoulders from injury & help you smash through strength plateaus.

We all tend to train with the occasional ache or pain through the body but my advice is if you are training through shoulder discomfort or especially impingement you should stop & definitely get it looked at by a skilled practitioner.

Because the shoulder joint is so unstable to start with it is easily fully dislocates when lifting weights & anyone that has been through this type of injury will tell you what a horrible injury it is & what a hell of time you will have in rehab trying to get it right post surgery.


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