Are Sports Drinks Healthy?

So which one is better for us. Sports drinks or Fresh Young Coconuts?

Here we have slick advertising & big business marketing at its best!

PowerAde & Gatorade drinks are full of artificial nasties!! Colourings, flavourings, additives, processed sugar & sodium chloride…

Seriously YUCK!!

These things are all known to cause digestion issues & are not much better than soda in my opinion.

Just because sportsmen are getting paid to drink them does not mean they are healthy or optimal.

These drinks are completely synthetic based & come from a laboratory!


Fresh young drinking Coconuts offer just as much instant energy & are completely natural coming from nature…One of natures finest I say!

Coconuts offer the human body so much…

Apart from being very good natural hydrators they offer anti-fungal, bacterial & microbial properties which help to keep our immune system strong…

Fresh young coconuts have natural electrolytes in them so they are a perfect choice for pre, during & post training, sport or exercise.

With CHI

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