Stubborn Body Fat

How do I get rid of Stubborn Body Fat / problem areas is a question I get asked a lot…unnamed (3)

The reality is that until a male gets down to around 12% & a female around 19% body fat you are not truly targeting your stubborn fat cells fully, stubborn fat cells are stubborn because they are last to go!

As you lose body fat you will see change in the problem areas like everywhere else but you will eventually reach a point where it’s just your problem areas left to work on & they require a more comprehensive approach to reveal those leaner legs or back of the arms you are after. 

It is also worth noting that different areas of the body correlate with different hormones, so where someone stores body fat can tell me a lot about how their overall health is to start with & what my approach should be to getting the individual lean. 

Here are a few of things I find myself saying over & over to people that make a big difference

1. You must drink 3-4 litres of quality filtered water per day

2. Dry brushing the problem areas regularly to promote blood flow to the problem areas works!

3. Make sure you are training the problem areas more than once a week

4. Replace all plastic food storage containers & water bottles with glass or stainless steel

5. Remove all soy products from your diet

6. Stop taking the contraceptive pill

7. You will never lose stubborn body fat on a continually low calorie diet

8. You must lift weights; cardio alone will not get you lean enough to reduce stubborn fat cells

9. The diet must be high in fibre

10. Cleanse your liver regularly with things like super greens, milk thistle & dandelion root

11. Stubborn body fat is usually masked by fluid retention & inflammation; reduce this by eliminating foods that you don’t digest well & all crap carbs

12. If you have lived your life on calorie restriction & skipping meals you need to improve your metabolism health before you can reduce stubborn body fat

13. You must sleep between 10pm & 6am soundly each night

14. Lower stress levels, if you are not reasonably chilled most of the day don’t expect to reduce stubborn body fat anytime soon

15. Good GUT health & overall health in general is a prerequisite to having a lean physique

16. The heavier you are now (more body fat) the less carbs you should be eating for the beginning phase of Fat Loss.

17. Changing the amount of calories / carbs you eat each day to fit both your training & non training days is essential

18. Switch to chemical free plant based household cleaning products

19. Always have the window open when inside & learn to breathe through your nose not mouth

20. Stop applying so much crap on your skin – make up, lipstick, deodorant with aluminium & all other toxins we come in contact with should be avoided

21. If you don’t sweat regularly start having regular saunas

22. Eat organic chemical free food


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