Supplementation, are you spending your $ wisely?

I believe supplements for the most part to be a bit of a hoax, unhealthy & a money pit.supplements

Most of the supplementation you can buy is synthetic based & does not absorb very well at all, they usually have unhealthy fillers, binders, rancid oils & all sorts of nasties attached

In saying that there are definitely some great companies out there producing quality products to enhance & backup your health & a solid diet.

In the photo are a few I use & recommend to most of my online & one on one clients because they all play there part in producing better results faster for my clients ..

I always opt for practitioner quality over the rubbish you can buy elsewhere

1. Raw Organic Multivitamin powder to increase micro-nutrient levels

2. Magnesium to aid recovery from exercise & sleep, magnesium is very “YIN” to the nervous system & just about everyone is deficient in magnesium especially if you sweat often.

3. Fish/Krill oil is almost my master supplement, omega 3’s is amazing in so many ways, here’s a few

Inflammation-fat loss-circulation-cognition-joint health

4. Pro-biotic (human grade or fermented foods) to improve or maintain gut health

5. Super greens to help detoxify & increase micro-nutrient levels

6. liquorice root to support the adrenal glands (stress)

7. Collagen for healthy joints & gut wall

8. Vitamin D because most people are deficient, Vitamin D is a catalyst to a lot of good things happening in the body, keep it toped up!

9. I would also often use a milk thistle or dandelion root to support the liver because anytime you are losing body fat the liver is working hard & these days there are toxin’s everywhere.
PLEASE NOTE:There are also plenty of quality supplements that support training intensity & making gains but todays BLOG is purely for health & FAT LOSS.

For more info on my comprehensive approach to nutrition, supplementation, training programs, coaching online & one on one visit the link below…

keep moving & having fun!


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