Bali Health Retreats in 2016

Join us on an adventure health retreat in Bali in early 2016.
I will be leading daily training sessions on retreat in absolute luxury for 7 days/6 nights and also hosting wellness workshops teaching you all the techniques you need to create your perfect body the healthy way.87ae2bad-3472-4272-9bb6-31b4c6f99c6c

This is your chance to meet me & other very experienced health coaches face to face to discuss your
lifestyle, nutrition & training techniques and have any questions answered specific to your needs.

This retreat will be an experience you will never forget, you will learn how simple it is to integrate health into your everyday.


Fat Loss Meal Plans

Specific structured meal plans for an individual, there goals & deadline requires many considerations.11846670_1150202941673280_4743084872588675654_n

Different macro’s (protein-fat-carb) are required for different days of the week, different times of the day & for different body types!

Different body types is one consideration that a lot of trainers miss when setting a client up on a meal plan.

Some body types do really well with carbohydrates in there meal plan most days & others definitely do not, of course there are those that fit in between the 3 body types showed here & that’s where an educated FAT LOSS expert can get the results you are looking for.


Stubborn Body Fat

How do I get rid of Stubborn Body Fat / problem areas is a question I get asked a lot…unnamed (3)

The reality is that until a male gets down to around 12% & a female around 19% body fat you are not truly targeting your stubborn fat cells fully, stubborn fat cells are stubborn because they are last to go!

As you lose body fat you will see change in the problem areas like everywhere else but you will eventually reach a point where it’s just your problem areas left to work on & they require a more comprehensive approach to reveal those leaner legs or back of the arms you are after.