How Important Is Breakfast?

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal

Does this sound like you??

You get up at 6:30, throw a bowl of cereal at the kids, or better yet a toaster treat, and get them on the bus to school, shower, dressed and you’re out the door, ready to take on the challenges of a new day at the office by the time you arrive at 9. But are you? Think maybe you forgot something? How about breakfast?

You miss a lot when you miss breakfast.

Hard to believe that roughly 96% of people in a recent survey admitted that eating breakfast is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, when their actual behavior demonstrates an entirely different story.


Mentorship For Personal Trainers

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Are you a Personal trainer looking to take your business to the next level?

LIVE FIT has a 6 week Mentoring program starting Friday March 27th @ 1pm in Brookvale

Spots are strickly limited to the first 10 people for an optimal learning experience

6 Week Mentoring Program

Week 1 Assessment of Flexibility & Core Function   

  • Complete flexibility assessment – each major muscle has an optimal degree of range of motion that should be strived for, for optimal movement.
  • Learn how to assess then correct
  • You will learn which muscles are tight/strong & need stretching & which are weak/long & need strengthening & stabilization
  • Muscle imbalances create pain in both muscles & joints.
  • Muscle balance between flexibility, stability & strength should be the initial goal = better movement & function
  • Assessment of core function

Week 2 Assessment of Posture & Movement Screening

  • Assessment of a client on a plum line – How to assess clients postural concerns & cross reference them to your flexibility assessment findings
  • Better posture = better movement, function, improves energy & reduces pain
  • Assess inner unit core function
  • Asses thoracic extension for clearance to overhead press
  • Infant development exercisers
  • Movement screening & what it is telling you

Week 3 Programming & Phase 1 Training 

  • Learn the importance of going through a phase 1 program before lifting heavy
  • Learn how to correctly integrate phase 1 programming into your clients weekly program
  • This is perfect for anyone with clients that have any niggling injuries, aches or pains
  • Phase 1 training lays the foundation for injury free training & being stronger & stabile

 Week 4 Fat loss Training & Nutrient timing

  • Learn the most effective ways of getting results for your clients quickly    
  • Learn what to eat, when to eat it & how much to eat to meet your goal
  • Learn how to work out exactly how much your client needs to be eating to suit their goal – BMR, lean mass, body fat %, daily energy expenditure & the clients goals all dictate nutritional requirements to see them succeed
  • Learn the best techniques for fat loss training
  • Learn why a lot of the time exercise & healthy eating just isn’t enough
  • Learn how to train women correctly in the different phases of their menstrual cycle to maximise gains

Week 5 The 6 Foundation Principles of Health & The importance of Gut & Hormonal health for Fat loss