How Do I Improve My Immune System?

Hi everyone :))

Well its defnitely getting cold again hey?!

Winter tends to bring more cold & flu type sypmtoms for a lot of people so i thought i would do a list of things to both consider & ways to nurture your immune system!

Nurture your Immune System

The immune system keeps a lookout on our internal environment for pathogens, antigens, infections & toxins floating around that shouldn’t be there to kill them off

110 Billion dollars is spent on fast food a year, a little bit of nonsense repeated for only a few years can wipe out hundreds of years of truth when it comes to what we should & should not eat, things that come with a used by date longer than a week in a packet-jar-or box are most likely not going to support a healthy immune system or vitality in general.


Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting can be an effective tool at the right time for the right person on a Fat Loss phase ..images (1)

Number one rule for effective fasting for fat loss would have to be that you have a healthy metabolism to begin with so if you eat 2-3 meals a day often skipping meals especially breakfast this is not for you!

Today I have chosen to fast from food between breakfast & dinner
(12 hour fast)

Only drinking green tea & bone broth soup

Stress levels need to be very low for the day

I always recommend fasting on a non-training day


Anti-fungal Cleansing

If you are going to put the time & effort into a cleanse, cleanse properly!   

The cleanse I use & recommend seasonally was put together by some very well respected mentors of mine in the industry. 

Anthia Koullouros from Ovvio Organic Lifestyle Store in Paddington, & the team at Origin of Energy to better inform people about the role fungus, bacteria and parasites play in maintaining health in the body.

These opportunistic organisms proliferate quite readily in our bodies and a symbiotic relationship between us and them should exist. Living by the foundations of health principles will ensure this symbiotic relationship continues.