How Do I Create a Positive Mindset?

Create Safety & security in your life by setting goals to overcome fears & worry. Write down your three biggest current concerns in life, then write down 3 ways for each to start overcoming them. They always seem less of an issue on paper.

Use mentors, tapes, books or therapist if its needed.

Start a gratitude list & continually add to it on a daily basis, reread your list each night before you go to bed.

The law of attraction says that “like” attracts “like” & we are living magnets & will always attract people, circumstances, ideas & resources into our life’s that reflect our dominant thought patterns.


What is a CHEK Practitioner?

Chek Practitioner

Clients-friends-family or anyone interested in looking & feeling better are continually asking me the same questions once we get chatting…..

1. Where do you get all of your great info & knowledge about holistic health from?

2. What do you mean you spend hours studying every week, your a personal trainer?

3. Who do you do most of your study with?

4. & who & what is the C.H.E.K Institute?

Hopefully this post below will explain those questions.

What is unique about a C.H.E.K trained professional first & foremost is that the C.H.E.K institutes programs are open to anyone in the health & fitness profession, from Personal Trainers, osteopaths, chiropractors, nurses & all the way across the spectrum to medical doctors.