How Do I Create a Positive Mindset?

Create Safety & security in your life by setting goals to overcome fears & worry. Write down your three biggest current concerns in life, then write down 3 ways for each to start overcoming them. They always seem less of an issue on paper.

Use mentors, tapes, books or therapist if its needed.

Start a gratitude list & continually add to it on a daily basis, reread your list each night before you go to bed.

The law of attraction says that “like” attracts “like” & we are living magnets & will always attract people, circumstances, ideas & resources into our life’s that reflect our dominant thought patterns.


Meal Plans For Fat Loss


The same person with varying body fat % requires different approach’s to a meal plan that works long term, so as a client begins to get results things need to begin to also change with what they are eating.

The current body fat % of a client is one of many things factored in regularly to an effective meal plan for lasting FAT LOSS.
That’s why it is very rare to find someone that has lost a lot of weight following the same approach to FAT LOSS from start to finish “& kept it off” 
The body is constantly adapting & changing how it responds to the different macro-nutrients & the total amount consumed as it gets leaner or gains weight.


Live, Lift & be Merry!

Im kicking Fat Loss Goals in 2015..👌I’ve dropped nearly 4% body fat in 18 daysergerger

I’ve only been training every second day, the sessions have been intense, but I am focusing more on adequate rest & recovery this time round in between sessions & my specific nutrient timing requirements being met & they have been spot on & worked perfectly!

After doing a second 3 day carb depletion phase over the weekend yesterday I trained legs heavy & then consumed over 600 grams of quality carbs over my usual 5-7 meals daily.
This morning I woke up leaner & heavier✅👌😃💪.
Carbs are not the enemy in the fat loss game, you just have to know when to eat them & when not to.