How Do I Improve My Immune System?

Hi everyone :))

Well its defnitely getting cold again hey?!

Winter tends to bring more cold & flu type sypmtoms for a lot of people so i thought i would do a list of things to both consider & ways to nurture your immune system!

Nurture your Immune System

The immune system keeps a lookout on our internal environment for pathogens, antigens, infections & toxins floating around that shouldn’t be there to kill them off

110 Billion dollars is spent on fast food a year, a little bit of nonsense repeated for only a few years can wipe out hundreds of years of truth when it comes to what we should & should not eat, things that come with a used by date longer than a week in a packet-jar-or box are most likely not going to support a healthy immune system or vitality in general.


Social Bush Walk & Energy Building Day Out


Hello everyone, bush-walk

I have organized a social event, a LOCAL BUSH WALK & ENERGY BUILDING DAY for anyone that might be interested ..

Sunday the 25th of May

We are going for a bush walk around Manly Dam

We leave section 1 of the Car Park @ 12 pm

As you all know i am a big believer in relaxation methods & balancing out the YIN & YANG forces for optimal health & there is no better place than in the bush with a group of like minded people to practice belly breathing, relaxation & cultivating energy (CHI).


Energy Building For Fat Loss

Who wants more energy? If you feel tired there is plenty below that can help holistically

Energy building “Working-in”

I think by now we have all realized that calories in v’s calories/energy out & running on treadmills forever & a day does not work in most cases.

With the forever increasing pace of our lives, the drop in nutrient levels of our soil & food supply commercially over the years & surviving on minimal sleep & stimulants to get us through the day most of us are left in an energy deficit.