Stubborn Body Fat

How do I get rid of Stubborn Body Fat / problem areas is a question I get asked a lot…unnamed (3)

The reality is that until a male gets down to around 12% & a female around 19% body fat you are not truly targeting your stubborn fat cells fully, stubborn fat cells are stubborn because they are last to go!

As you lose body fat you will see change in the problem areas like everywhere else but you will eventually reach a point where it’s just your problem areas left to work on & they require a more comprehensive approach to reveal those leaner legs or back of the arms you are after. 


Supplementation, are you spending your $ wisely?

I believe supplements for the most part to be a bit of a hoax, unhealthy & a money pit.supplements

Most of the supplementation you can buy is synthetic based & does not absorb very well at all, they usually have unhealthy fillers, binders, rancid oils & all sorts of nasties attached

In saying that there are definitely some great companies out there producing quality products to enhance & backup your health & a solid diet.

In the photo are a few I use & recommend to most of my online & one on one clients because they all play there part in producing better results faster for my clients ..