How Do I Create a Positive Mindset?

Create Safety & security in your life by setting goals to overcome fears & worry. Write down your three biggest current concerns in life, then write down 3 ways for each to start overcoming them. They always seem less of an issue on paper.

Use mentors, tapes, books or therapist if its needed.

Start a gratitude list & continually add to it on a daily basis, reread your list each night before you go to bed.

The law of attraction says that “like” attracts “like” & we are living magnets & will always attract people, circumstances, ideas & resources into our life’s that reflect our dominant thought patterns.


Weight Loss

Weight Loss  

Our total number of Fat Cells can actually increase, but not decrease! Fat cells don’t just get bigger as you put on weight! 👙

It’s called Fat Cell Hyper-Phasic.

Generally the number of Fat Cells you have going through adolescence determines the minimum amount of Fat Cells you will have for the rest of your life.
This is why a kid that struggles with his or her weight growing up will tend to struggle with weight issues more than others their entire life.
It also makes it a lot easier for someone that has been over weight before to put on weight again.
Once a fat cell is as big as it can get it starts to be replicated, once this new fat cell is replicated it is near impossible to lose it.
The new Fat Cell can be shrunk but it will always be there.
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Meal Plans For Fat Loss


The same person with varying body fat % requires different approach’s to a meal plan that works long term, so as a client begins to get results things need to begin to also change with what they are eating.

The current body fat % of a client is one of many things factored in regularly to an effective meal plan for lasting FAT LOSS.
That’s why it is very rare to find someone that has lost a lot of weight following the same approach to FAT LOSS from start to finish “& kept it off” 
The body is constantly adapting & changing how it responds to the different macro-nutrients & the total amount consumed as it gets leaner or gains weight.