Body Fat

Where do you store body fat?

Storing body fat in different areas means different things & the approach to reduce body fat past the first few kg’s needs to fit the individual.

Yes genetics play a role but usually only due to the fact that the children or grand children have just followed suit having the same nutrition & lifestyle habits from the parents or grand parents. (Monkey-see-monkey-do)  
Storing body fat in certain areas is a dead giveaway of things going on internally that need slightly different approaches to get the result everyone’s looking for.


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Live Fit Holistic PT is currently offering FREE 40 Minute trial Sessions, a simple sit down consultation or phone call to the first 10 people that book in.
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Live Fit is here to help & offer solid adivice to those motivated to look & feel better.
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Bali Health Retreats in 2016

Join us on an adventure health retreat in Bali in early 2016.
I will be leading daily training sessions on retreat in absolute luxury for 7 days/6 nights and also hosting wellness workshops teaching you all the techniques you need to create your perfect body the healthy way.87ae2bad-3472-4272-9bb6-31b4c6f99c6c

This is your chance to meet me & other very experienced health coaches face to face to discuss your
lifestyle, nutrition & training techniques and have any questions answered specific to your needs.

This retreat will be an experience you will never forget, you will learn how simple it is to integrate health into your everyday.