6 Week Holistic Fat Loss Transformation

An individualised complete FAT LOSS program.

6 WEEK PHYSIQUE is for those with a dead line, a photo shoot, fit looking beach body goals or a special event in the not to distant future that you want to look and feel amazing for.

The program offers clients FAT LOSS and a fit looking physique respecting the metabolism & health of each client throughout the program so there is no yo-yo or rebound afterwards.

6 WEEK PHYSIQUE is perfect for both someone looking to shed the last of the stubborn body fat or to kick start a FAT LOSS transformation in the healthiest and most effective ways.

6 WEEK PHYSIQUE is the real deal, this is the program you have been searching for if results are what you are after!

I cover everything needed to get clients in the best shape of their lives.

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*Results May Vary Person to Person


All aspects of nutrition and lifestyle are considered before starting and a comprehensive list of suggestions are made in what LIVE FIT likes to call the pre-program phase.

The pre-program phase is to improve areas such as general health, vitality, sleep, stress levels, metabolism, detoxification and the digestive system in each client to a more optimal level where then body shape changes becomes easier to achieve.

Meal-by-meal nutrition and nutrient timing plans are then customized and updated when necessary, specific meal plans to meet the macro-nutrient requirements of each individual client and their goals and deadline.

Body Fat percentages and girth measurements are initially taken and are all retested bi-weekly to ensure it is actually fat each client is losing and not just weight.

Training programs are written specific to each clients goals, then are updated & progressed usually at the half way point to make sure the result keep rolling in.


  • You have an important event coming up and you need to get in the best shape possible
  • You are struggling to get rid of that last bit of stubborn body fat no matter what you do
  • You want results that you can see
  • You want to create a fat burning machine and reignite your metabolism
  • You want to gain rapid momentum to facilitate long term fat loss
  • You want to learn strategies for getting results in the shortest amount of time that you can use time and time again.
  • You want to feel healthy and happier about how you look

Live Fit “is not a boot camp style of military training program” we do teach you though how to train hard & smart at the same time.

An application needs to be made to LIVE FIT if you are interested in 6 WEEK PHYSIQUE, LIVE FIT will do a revision of every new clients goals, health and training history before commencing.


ASSESSMENT: With Live Fit’s initial structural balance assessment we are able to determine your:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Movement quality
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle fibre type
  • Body Type
  • & if this program is for you



Based on all the information obtained from the new clients structural integrity, body fat perentages, goals & previous exercise history you will receive a fully customised 6 week training program detailing each phase, exercise, frequency, and undulations in sets, reps, and rest periods.

IMG_1256 (1)



Your nutrition plan will be fully customised based on your body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, lean muscle mass, daily energy expenditure, goals and lifestyle.

Each phase of your nutrition plan will be strategically integrated with the phases in your training program for a truly synergistic effect that delivers the fastest results possible.

6 WEEK PHYSIQUE will require you to train at least four days per week, you will be required to commit to a minimum of two supervised training sessions each week with LIVE FIT for the duration of the program.



  • Training with intensity, focus & consistency is difficult for you
  • If making changes in nutrition & lifestyle are not something you are willing to do, to see change we must make change
  • Eating animal protein is not essential but it makes results easier to come by
  • Supplementation (minimal) is usually a part of the program
  • A minimum of two Personal Training Sessions per week
  • Plus two strength based workouts per week on your own
  • If life is highly stressful there is a requirement to adjust things
  • if you are not currently getting or willing to get a minimum of seven hours quality sleep per night 🙂
To book a FREE consultation Click here or call Graham today on 0417 446 531