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I want a “beach body” is something we hear a lot.

Live Fit has put together the best complete holistic online nutrition, lifestyle & training programs available to achieve the results you did not think possible. .

A good Fat Loss program should be strategic in nature & have many different moves to keep seeing results.

Everything we eat has a deep affect on our physiology, if we get the mix of macros & the amount right to suit your current training regime & goals, Fat Loss is a lot easier to achieve than most people realise.

Live Fit is very committed to making your goals a reality & we work closely from start to finish to ensure the journey is a complete success.  ‘If you can dream it, & believe it.. we can achieve it”.


Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person. 

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Would you like to feel that everything you can do is being done to take you towards your body shape change?

We see so many people trying so hard for so long with little reward, if your current program is working well your physique should be steadily improving each & every week.

  • Initial Skype or phone coaching call: to get you set up, informed & feeling empowered.
  • Holistic Lifestyle & Health Coaching: The happier the inside of the body is, the easier it is to change the appearance of the outside.Detoxification, digestion, hormonal & sleep issues, stress management are all covered with Live Fit Online.

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  • Meal PlansStructured meal plans with macros, set calories, food tracking & recommendations are all put together for each individual, designed to progress quickly with nutrient timing techniques.    


  • Training Programs: Well thought out blocks of structured training programs are used to facilitate change quickly.
  • Emotional Eating & Food Cravings Assistance
  • Body Fat % Testing: (if living in the area) to confirm results are being made.
  • Goal Setting: Short, medium & long term goals are set then adjusted monthly as progress is made.


  • Dream Building: “When you have a big enough dream, you no longer need a crisis in your life”
  • Health: A fit looking body is not necessarily a healthy body; our goal is to transform our client’s bodies from the inside out.        

At Live Fit we have a comprehensive holistic healthy approach to getting you looking & feeling better sooner!

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Disclaimer : Results may vary person to person

Online clients get the same service our private clients get, 6 day a week prompt support & weekly result check in’s through photos & client feedback

Weekly phone call check ins for updates & feedback

Clients often comment that one of the things they love most about our program is that they feel like they have all the answers they need all the way through the program – a good online program should not have the client guessing about anything!    .

The Nutritional Program: 

Commitment to the nutritional program is where most of the results come from, i guide you in your first phase through an easy to follow plan.

The plans are specifically designed with you, your metabolism health & your goals in mind, together we change the way you view food.

From eating without thought, to eating what fuels you best for the workouts you are doing to achieve the best results possible for you – eat to perform!


Disclaimer: results may vary person to person. 

An experienced PERSONAL TRAINER / PHYSIQUE COACH has a lot of essential things to consider when putting a meal plan together for someone stuck in a results plateau or on a deadline


  1. The deadline of the goal
  2. What the clients goal is
  3. Daily energy expenditure & physical activity level
  4. Current type of training, frequency, volume & time of day it is being done
  5. Basel Metabolic Rate
  6. Age
  7. Weight
  8. Current Body Fat%
  9. Body type
  10. Gender
  11. Recent food habits (does the client have a healthy metabolism)
  12. Food intolerance & much more.
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